Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well today is Fathers day and I am missing my dad terribly. My dad is one of those men who hate being bragged about but today I think he will forgive me :) I can not begin to describe how much my dad has done for our family and for everyone that comes into his life. He truly is one of the most caring and giving men I know. My dad was the young men's president for 12 years and now he is in the bishopric of a singles ward in California, and I can not begin to describe how lucky I feel when young kids from my old ward, and now the single adults that I grew up with come up to me and tell me how much they love my dad and how lucky I am, which I already know :). He has taught me so many things in my life and I thank him for everything, even though he was the first person to ever fire me, putting a 14 year old girl who was boy crazy in charge of the files for his dealership , but he still loved me even though it took years to get those files back in place :) I love his sport analogy's when he gives out advice, how he always sees the good in people, how he is always striving to be better and to have his family be better, his love, his example, his generosity,his humor, his teasing, his bad singing, how no one feels like a stranger when they're around him. The respect he gets from everyone in the business. He taught me how to work hard and how to sale :) My dad always lets us lean on him, listens to us, and is there for us no matter what, his example of how a marriage should be and how he treats my mom and the love they have for each other is something I have always looked up to. He is one of a kind and I'm lucky to call him my Dad.

I love you Dad Happy fathers day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photos popping up..

More then two years ago for one of my Public Relation Classes we had to take pictures around our campus for advertisements for UVU. Who would of thought that almost three years later these pictures would still be popping around! My banner is still around UVU, and sometimes at work I get a guest coming in and looking at me funny then eventually say, "Hey are your pictures up at UVU?" as i shy away and admit it. I honestly don't like it and yes I was reading the book twilight at the time (you can see it on my desk in the pictures), and just the other day my mother was reading LDS magazine and came upon my picture! so funny, I guess it was worth the A i got in class!
On a side note this last Saturday was Chase and Mine first year anniversary! we had so much fun and I just love him more and more everyday! Chase is the best hubby and cutest in the world :) ill do my next post on our little get away to Park City.