Friday, February 26, 2010

Yummy Oatmeal Bars

My old Roommate for three years, Tori, taught me this recipe while we lived together. She always had the best recipes! It is a huge hit! Every time we have a get together or people want me to bring something for dessert they always request these oatmeal bars. Even my friend Michelle had me bring these to the hospital right after she gave birth! haha So I thought I would post the recipe so all of you can enjoy this amazing recipe and become popular :)

Oatmeal Bars

2 cups of melted butter
2 1/4 c. of brown sugar
3 cups of Quaker oats
3 cups of flour
1 1/2 tsp of salt
1 1/2 tsp of vanilla

Mix all ingredients and put half of the mixture spread out on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 8 min.

Then combine :
1 jar of butterscotch
2 Tbls of flour

Pour on top of baked oatmeal mixture then add 1 cup of chocolate chips and 1 cup of butterscotch chips and put evenly on top of mixture. Crumble remaining oatmeal mixture on top and bake for 15-20 min.

Take out and enjoy! I like to do it at least 3 hours before or the day before I take them somewhere, but some people love it right out of the oven ( it's just harder to eat)

I hope this brings you as many memories as it has for me!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


no, my blog is not dead, haha I have just not had the time to blog, plus my work blocked our Internet so I cant blog at work anymore :). Just a few things to catch up on for my wonderful blog journal. My whole family is wanting updates so I will just give a few..

We went to California for Thanksgiving this year. It was great! we did our annual walk on the beach thanksgiving morning ( which I think is always my favorite part of the Holiday). Spent two wonderful days with family seeing movies, going out to eat, working out together, and just relaxing. I love going home, I miss my family more then anything.. thank goodness for Skype!
Brad, Tanman, My dad, Lori, Chase and I ( Kori is taking the picture :) )My brother brad, his cute baby Tanner, and Chase
New Mexico..
This was my first Christmas away from home this year and I am so thankful I have such awesome in-laws! It honestly made it so much easier to be away from my own family and to have a family I love as much as Chase's. This was the first Christmas in five years all the Hathaway's were together! It is fun learning new Christmas traditions, so Chase and I can combine them and make our own for our children. We stayed there for four days and had game nights every night ( which the girls always won ) and ate Delicious New Mexico food! I love Yevette's Garden, she always has such great fresh vegetables and Salsa! yummy!
Valentines day-
This year Chase is finally letting me go to pirate island pizza! For those of you that don't know what this is, its awesome! its like chuck e cheese but pirates! there is a big ship and talking pirates and yummy food! I am such a little kid at heart and have been wanting to go for months! Thank goodness his nieces are in town so I actually have an excuse to go. So tonight i talked all the siblings in to going with us as well :)
Chase has two more semesters to go in school, and he is loving learning all the things there is to know about construction. Every time we drive he points out something he sees that has to do with his classes.. its pretty funny. My mom loves when she drives with him :)

I have been doing good at work and still loving it. They asked me to fly to Florida to our corporate offices this week and asked if they could film me doing a consultation so they could use it for their training. I was really flattered but I had to say no.. Its Valentines weekend!

Biggest Loser-
My parents, Chase and I are making a goal to loose weight together and in August my dad is going to treat us to a get-away vacation. I am so excited about this! I gave up Diet coke! I know, I had a headache for about three weeks :) haha. It has been really fun doing this with everyone and calling my parents for motivation and I am surprised at how easy it is when you actually have people doing it with you.
Well that's all for now! but I promise to keep more up to date from now on!