Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching up with the busy soon to be newlyweds :)

I have been in California since the first of May while Chase is in New Mexico. Only one more week to go till I see him and only 12 more days till our wedding! I'm getting excited! While my mom and I have been doing last minute planning, Chase has been busy back at home working during the day and then helping his dad build in their backyard at night, lets just say I think I have it easier planning :) With everything going on I realized I have not made a post lately! Well this week I had both my showers. I just love getting together with all the ladies! Both of my showers were AMAZING, thank you to all that helped out! We got some pretty good stuff I should say :) I have been trying to get on a stricked wedding diet the last few weeks, but the more I think about it the more I eat! haha. Anyways, here are some pictures to hold everyone down until i get some of the wedding! Cant wait to see you all soon!!!!

While driving home to California, I stayed at Chase's sisters house in Vegas and stayed the night. Their little girl ( my soon to be niece) is turning two so Chase and I got her a little mermaid swimsuit! She loves Disney just like me! Isn't she so cute in it!!! Thanks Linds and Chris for letting me stay with you!!
It was also my nephew Joshua's birthday, he turned three! We celebrated on Mothers Day with all the family. It was nice to have everyone there. I love you mom your the best!!! Here are some pictures of cute little Joshua wearing some of his presents :)Brad and Kori got him these little shorts.. they were a little big on him so he was pulling them up, he looks like a little Steve Urkel! I love it!!

Here is some pictures from my shower with the ladies from my ward.. These ladies are the ones who made it happen!! Thanks again!!

The Davis girls!!

One last and Final shower... the young adult shower!!! :) I got spoiled at these showers and just want to thank everyone!!!!! I love you!

Hope that everyone got there fill of whats been happening in our world!!!! oh and here is a little picture of Chase in case you forgot what he looks like :) He is super sad that he has not seen me in almost a month!!:) Love you Chase, I miss you!!!