Sunday, December 14, 2008

Living La Vida Loca

Life has been crazy!! I'm in my last week of school forever!!! I cant believe I am finally graduating! With Work and school and our church callings, our life's have been pretty hectic. So i'll try to catch you up on the last month! Chase and I took a  trip to California to take family pictures with my fam, and the Clawsons were nice enough to have us stay at their beautiful Cabin! The boys played some Wii while us girls ate and went to see Twilight. It was a nice quick weekend and good to see my family, I haven't seen most of then since the wedding! We then went to Chase's home for Thanksgiving. It was the first time in like five years since the kids have all been there! So, it was a blast!! Their family was nice enough to have Thanksgiving a day early seeing as we had to drive back to Utah on Thanksgiving day so I could be at work. Thanks again Hathaways! that was so nice of you!!!After the traveling, we have just been studying and getting ready for Christmas, it finally snowed here yesterday! I was starting to get really sad because I love the snow ( I hate driving in it) but it is so pretty to look at :) Oh, Chase and I also went to Disney on Ice :) I loved it and so did Chase haha!!! I recommend it to all of you!!!! Well wish us luck this last week of school, I better pass all my classes!!! Third row baby! thats how we roll :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

While you were sleeping..

So this morning I woke up to Chase saying "Dana, what are you talking about" and I come to find out I was talking in my sleep all night! I don't think I have done that sense I was little. Chase has never heard it so he thought it was the funniest thing. He thought I kept telling him to get out and to stop touching my hair haha but in reality I was having a dream that my mom kept trying to cut my hair :)! My mom would always catch me talking in my sleep when I was younger. My sister and I used to share a room and she would always hear me saying the funniest things in my sleep, one time I woke up and my sister said I kept saying "please pass the butter". Haha who knew I would be a sleep talker! It makes you wonder what you really do in your sleep....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Football Games

The main thing that I look forward to when I know a BYU football is coming is that most likely my parents will be in town!! My mom and Dad come up for the games and I love it! My whole family lives in California and my siblings get to see my parents all the time, that I really enjoy the times they come up here so Chase and I can enjoy them too :) It has been fun having them come up and hang out in our little apt. playing games, eating good food, and watching movies. They came up last weekend with their friends the Willinghams. We went to Park City with them and had a blast. I also don't remember the last time I have sung that loud before, Doug Willingham and myself were singing duets to the movie Mannequin. It was classic. All in All it was a great weekend and I cant wait to have a rematch of Catch Phrase when there here next!! Loving the moose Our favorite hats of all time!haha The cowboys couple ( the Willinghams)
Next Indiana?? I think so...Also here are some pictures my mom took of our apt. were not done decorating but at least you can get the gist of it :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin night

I love the holidays! I seriously cant get enough of them, especially when there is good food invovled :). Chase's little brother and his fiance Lo came over, and his little sister Ali to come carve pumpkins! We had a fun night seeing as we dont get to get together very often with our busy schedules. I have to admit i am not good at carving at all! My bat i carved looked like it was cripled and of course everyone elses looked great! and i got my Houcs Pocus fix! We watched that as we carved, it felt just like halloween and I loved it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Boom

Over this last weekend Chase and I went to the BYU football game with his old mission buddy Chris (He is single ladies)
and his old roommate Bryce. Is was FREEZING!!!! but a great game and fun to be with the boys!
Then our good friends Rebekah and Nick cooked us a great meal that night. Their little boy Gunner loves Chase! I just love his little cheecks. The next night we hung out with our cousins Rory, Marielle and their little girl Shaylee I am seeing a organized marrige with Gunner and Shaylee :) they would be so cute together! Chase and I have been very content with not having kids seeing as we can hang out with these cute ones all day long!! So i think that will be our plan for the next couple years.. people keep having babies so we can play with them!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!

The new trailer for Twilight has come out and I'm soo excited!!! We will be in California when it opens.. so you know what that means girls... that's right the night we go to the cabin were all going to go watch it together... yes!!!!!!!!!!!

go to to see this great trailer!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

For my Dad..

I was talking to my dad for a while yesterday ( I love you and miss you Dad) and he asked why I have not updated my blog lately, and I honestly have no idea why I have not! We have been super busy with school and work I feel as if there is nothing interesting to blog about. But then Chase reminded me that we just got Disney on Ice tickets!!! haha I love Disney and Chase is nice enough to come join me next month to watch the Disney on Ice 100th year anniversary! I am soooo excited! So this post to our families, we want you to come visit us and bring our nieces and nephews and come watch Disney on Ice!! We miss you guys! I am also soo excited about this month being Halloween. I decorated in September for it ( that's how much I love the holidays) so this week we will watch Hocus Pocus and next it will Pratical Magic ( Chase is thrilled :)) and I even do more for Christmas so Chase better get used to listening to Christmas music pretty soon because as soon as it snows its coming on :). I just love the holidays they make me so happy and I hope everyone is having fun with it all as well! Were going to a haunted house pretty soon with our friends Nick and Rebekah.. I cant wait!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A younger man..

Yes, it is true, I married a younger man and let me tell you something.... it is the best thing I have ever done!!! Today Chase turned 24 ( i am three week older :) ) and I just wanted to dedicate this blog post to him! We have not had a camera because we had to change the battery but we got a new one tonight so sorry, no pictures of the fabulous day. Chase was a trooper and went to school today but when he got home I had him open his presents and I took him to a surprise dinner.. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. He has never been and loved it! I warned him that we would not be frequent diners here but at least he got to try one of my favorite restaurants. After dinner I surprised him with having his family come over for cake. Thanks guys for coming! Birthdays don't feel the same with out family there with you! 

So to finish off the night of my wonderful husbands birthday I just want to list a few things that I love and appreciate about him....
-He is my little handy man
-He kisses me hello and good bye every day
-He Never complains when I am in one of my "moods"
-He is my best friend
-He is very patient
-He loves little kids
-He has the best arm I have ever seen in football
-He is HOT
-He is full of knowledge and I learn something new from him everyday
-He has the worlds most charming dimples
-He loves sweets as much as I do
-He is one of the most spiritual men I know
-His has the cutest butt!! 
-He never gives up on anything and is the most motivated person I know
-He can ALWAYS make me laugh 
-He is my better half
-He loves board games
-He loves his family
- and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

They say it's your birthday!!

I am a little late but my birthday was last week and it did not start off to good.. it was my first day of school!!! haha who wants to go to school on their birthday?? but once I got home it was all good.. Chase was waiting at home for me with a bouquet of flowers and was just too cute.. and he got me everything I wanted and then some :) His family was in town so we went out with them that night and went to his cousins house who cooked us the best food! Chase and his brother both served in Peru and so did his cousin Burt who cooked us the great meal, Peruvian food is really good I was surprised, Chase always told me the horror stories of the food he ate on his mission so I did not expect it to be so good. We also had a great ice cream cake that I just loved I dont like normal cake!!! It was a great ending to what started off as not too fun of a day. Both our families were in town last week which made me wish they all lived here! Chase's parents were dropping off his little sister Ali and his brother Mckay to start school at BYU which will be fun having us all be here, and for our niece's baby blessing.I'm trying to get my parents to move up here :). It was so nice having them here, they stayed so close too, they walked to our apt. everyday. We got my parents extra long because my dad got his wisdom teeth pulled while he was here, yes I know who gets their wisdom teeth pulled that old?? haha. It was been a fun and busy time, our apt. is coming together, we get our bed tomorrow which I am so happy about! Once we get that we can start doing some organizing!!!! I started a new job which I love, Ideal Image. I am a consultant for Laser hair removal. It honestly is so fun! I'll post pictures of the apt. soon!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Beginnings

So on Monday morning at 3:20 a.m. my brother Brad and his wife Kori had their first baby! I am so sad that I was not there. I hope I get to meet this little guy soon!! His name is Tanner and is just adorable. I could not be happier for them and Chase and I are trying to make it to California so we can see him soon!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, i decided my hair needed a little change. I needed to get a good amount cut off so that it can actually get healthy again so i cut my hair! I don't know how much I like it but oh well, ill get used to it :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Were here!!

It feels soooo good to be back in Utah! I thought I would never say that sentence :) Chase and I got in Tuesday night and are just adjusting back to real life. I met with my school advisor and I am officially graduating this semester! I am so excited!!! It feels good to know that there is actually an end of all this school and hard work. We are still sleeping on our blow up mattress until our bed gets delivered which is not that bad seeing as we put our memory foam on it and waiting for the parents to come up here this week to bring all our wedding presents so we can actually set up our apt. So once everything is all put together we will post some pictures! We got a free couch and I have turned it into my little craft project, I just picked out the cutest fabrics to sew over the pillows, I'm excited for my little project :) I start school on Thursday (which is my birthday) so we will see how that goes! Chase does not start till next week and he is not excited one bit. But if anyone needs a place to stay we have an extra bedroom so come visit us!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane..

ok, not really a jet, im just dreaming :) Chase and I are leaving for a very long road trip back home on Thursday! It is about 23 hours, we are driving to Texas staying the night then leaving early so we can make it to the Airport in New Mexico by two to see his brother Mckay come home from his mission! I can not believe that I have not meet him yet, im really excited! and hopefully his sister Lindsay can come with the new baby girl!! Then back to Utah and school... I am so excited to go back and get back to our normal life. Even though I have loved the experience here in Missouri, I am glad we are going back. I have missed my family and friends way too much and not to mention I am happy I wont have to wake up so early every morning now! So less then one week to get the rest of our sight seeing done here! We really want to go to a cardinals game so ill keep you posted on that.. I will see you all soon and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ideal Getaway

Last weekend was the best experience I have had yet since moving to Missouri! Chase, Emily, Lane and I went to Nauvoo. I have been so excited all summer to go and it was well worth the wait! We left Saturday and saw the pageant that night. I honestly had no idea what to expect seeing as I have never been to one before, but after seeing it, it is something I would love to see every year! They had all these fun things set up a hour before the show, three legged race, potato sack racing, wood cutting, dancing, bands, food, and stick pole ( one of Joseph Smiths many talents :) ). Chase and I cutting our piece of wood off, they then brand it with a Nauvoo pictureEmily and I playing stick pole, this is a real action shot, were not posing its so funny!Chaser and Lane trying not to land on top of each other.The BandLane and Emily in a race, that little boy was so cuteLane and Chase became very close on the trip :)

The pageant just blew me away, it was the story of Nauvoo, the saints, the building of the temple, and Joesph Smiths life. They did such a good job, I want to buy the DVD ( Yes you can buy it ). The music and dancing was great along with the acting. The end was really special because they lit up the new Nauvoo temple which was right behind the stage and had Pres. Hinkley's voice talk about it. It is something I will never forget and feel really lucky to experience. We then spent the night in a hotel with Emily and Lane. It was so old fashioned and small, it made the trip that much better!It was so fun, being in a new place, being in a town that is just so different, and hanging out in the hotel room. Then on Sunday we toured Nauvoo, they still had tours on Sundays but they did not do any of the activities they usually do. I want to go again soon but spend more then two days there! It is such a beautiful place and the spirit is so strong. They had a great Buffet there, we ate so much ( Emily and I looking Prego after taking advantage of the huge amounts of food :) )The Temple was beautifulChase, Lane and Emily standing in front of a Statue of Joseph and Hyrum as they were leaving Nauvoo to go to Carthage Jail.

This was in the school house in Nauvoo, that lady was so funny! We also walked threw Brigham Youngs house, Lucy Mack Smith's , John Taylor's, and many more. I loved this town!

We also went to Carthage Jail . This was such a special place. We sang hymns as we were in there and you just felt at peace...I am so happy we went to all of these places and I hope those of you who have not been yet get to go because it really is something everyone should experience. I hope you can read this, it is a great quote by Joseph and Hyrum and I wanted to share it with all of you.
The sunset on our way home... a perfect ending to a great trip.