Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Fun

It was Chase's little sisters birthday a week ago and we celebrated by eating some yummy cake that Lo made with her new cupcake pan. Chase's brother McKay and his wife Lo are just amazingly talented and the cake turned out so cute! 

Sweet little Ali's birthday :)
The sisters 

Lo and McKay enjoying their masterpiece :)
The siblings 

We played this fun game called Buzz word, its so fun! really good for a big group. There really is nothing else going on in our life's besides Chase being done with school semester! YEAH!!!! I'm still just working away, but now I'm working in Salt Lake which has actually been really fun, I just hate the drive. We have started our P90X workouts and diet and we love it! its only been a week, but i can tell I'm already having so much more energy! It is fun doing it together as well, we motivate each other which is really nice. My family is coming in town this week to see me walk at my graduation!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I think just about everyone knows how much I love Musicals! I try to watch one at least once a week.. Chase just loves it haha. Just the other day he walked into me singing and dancing along to the movie Bye Bye Birdie, you know the part where there singing "Going Study" for which I actually did a dance to when I was young for my jazz class, anyways, I found this on my cousins blog and I just loved it! Julie Andrews makes my day and I honestly would of loved to be at this train station and witness this! I probably would of jumped right in with them. Oh I just loved it.. happy day...

On a side note we still have not started our P90X work out! im starting to become really impatient, but it should arrive in the mail any day now, but in the mean time Chase and I have not gone grocery shopping seeing as we dont know what food to buy, so we have been living off top roman and grilled cheese haha.