Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin night

I love the holidays! I seriously cant get enough of them, especially when there is good food invovled :). Chase's little brother and his fiance Lo came over, and his little sister Ali to come carve pumpkins! We had a fun night seeing as we dont get to get together very often with our busy schedules. I have to admit i am not good at carving at all! My bat i carved looked like it was cripled and of course everyone elses looked great! and i got my Houcs Pocus fix! We watched that as we carved, it felt just like halloween and I loved it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Boom

Over this last weekend Chase and I went to the BYU football game with his old mission buddy Chris (He is single ladies)
and his old roommate Bryce. Is was FREEZING!!!! but a great game and fun to be with the boys!
Then our good friends Rebekah and Nick cooked us a great meal that night. Their little boy Gunner loves Chase! I just love his little cheecks. The next night we hung out with our cousins Rory, Marielle and their little girl Shaylee I am seeing a organized marrige with Gunner and Shaylee :) they would be so cute together! Chase and I have been very content with not having kids seeing as we can hang out with these cute ones all day long!! So i think that will be our plan for the next couple years.. people keep having babies so we can play with them!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!

The new trailer for Twilight has come out and I'm soo excited!!! We will be in California when it opens.. so you know what that means girls... that's right the night we go to the cabin were all going to go watch it together... yes!!!!!!!!!!!

go to to see this great trailer!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

For my Dad..

I was talking to my dad for a while yesterday ( I love you and miss you Dad) and he asked why I have not updated my blog lately, and I honestly have no idea why I have not! We have been super busy with school and work I feel as if there is nothing interesting to blog about. But then Chase reminded me that we just got Disney on Ice tickets!!! haha I love Disney and Chase is nice enough to come join me next month to watch the Disney on Ice 100th year anniversary! I am soooo excited! So this post to our families, we want you to come visit us and bring our nieces and nephews and come watch Disney on Ice!! We miss you guys! I am also soo excited about this month being Halloween. I decorated in September for it ( that's how much I love the holidays) so this week we will watch Hocus Pocus and next it will Pratical Magic ( Chase is thrilled :)) and I even do more for Christmas so Chase better get used to listening to Christmas music pretty soon because as soon as it snows its coming on :). I just love the holidays they make me so happy and I hope everyone is having fun with it all as well! Were going to a haunted house pretty soon with our friends Nick and Rebekah.. I cant wait!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!