Friday, May 28, 2010

here we come park city!

I am so excited for our 2 year anniversary this weekend. Chase was amazing and got us a sweet deal! ahhh! Just going to relax and lounge, it sounds like heaven. We are staying at the hotel park city, they upgraded us for free to a cottage suit that has a jacuzzi on the balcony, jetted bath tubs ( if you know you me you know how much I love baths! I take one every night haha), and they gave us a $80 dollar gift card to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and a free massage!I love my husband more then anything, I can not believe that it has only been two years, He honestly has so much patience with me and my sensitive side :) especially over this last month when I have been on an emotional roller coaster, he has told me every day how beautiful I am and it means the world to me especially since I know this scar on my face is not the most faltering thing :), I love how he loves to tease me, I act like I get mad, but I secretly love our teasing relationship, I can tell him anything I am thinking and he does not judge me or try to fix it he just listens( this took a while for him to do cause at first he loved to give a solution but now he knows I just need him to listen which he does great at now!) , I love his little quirks like his pouting face, his need to play a game of xbox every night before bed while I watch some kind of Disney movie, how he has to have lotion on his hands always or else his hands feel funny and he cant touch anything, how he is such a perfectionist ( I cant wait to build our house cause I know its going to be perfect!), how important his family is to him, he loves them so much and always likes to feel in the loop with the going on's with all his siblings,how clean and organized he is... Chase I love you, thank you for all your support and love these last few years!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Viewer Discretion is Advised... :)

My surgery was two weeks ago and I actually have enough energy to talk about it now. Just a precaution this is going to go into detail of the surgery. My sister in law wanted me to put pictures up of how it looked, I have been deciding whether or not I should because the only pictures I took were with my phone and when I looked the ugliest to send to my family so we will see... :)
Here is how the day went... My lovely mother took me to the doctor's at seven in the morning, there was four of us there that day to get the same surgery done and I was the only one under the age of 85, but they were so nice and funny. So the doctor takes me back and cuts out some of the side of my nose and then sends me back into the waiting room. As I wait I watched movies and read some books, then he calls me back and there is more he needs to take, I do this a couple times where he takes it out and tests it then brings me back in and takes out more. I guess it was growing pretty big, he was even surprised on how much he had to cut out. So he keeps cutting till the cancer is all out.. Six hours later he tells me he got it all! yes!!!! I am so thrilled at this point! no more cutting, no more waiting, everything is all done.

They take me back and start to sew everything up. First he said he had to show me the hole that he cut so he gives me a mirror. Oh my is all I can say.. I was in shock on how big the hole was and almost started crying, but I resisted..He started stitching it up but realized the towards the top it was pulling way to much and he ended up having to cut a pretty good size of skin from the front of my ear to do a skin graph on my nose, because if he just sewed my nose up it would make me look really deformed and pull my skin to tight. So he he cut by my ear and put it on my nose and sewed it up. Its amazing to me that they can take skin from anywhere on your body and it can just attach somewhere else... pretty cool. Two hours later he shows me the end result all the while my mom is sitting in the waiting room.

He gives me the mirror and I Don't know if its because it has been just a long day, my mom was there, and I was so swollen, but I just start crying! I mean I was crying so hard they had to put the chair down and strap me in, in case I was going to faint. The doctor and nurses were sooo nice! They held my hand and just comforted me. Then he goes to tell me that he has to sew the bandage to my nose so there is enough pressure to make the skin graph heal better. So I'm sitting there, I'm not numb any more and he goes to town sewing it to my eyebrow, nose, and cheek. It kills! Then he goes and grabs my mom and the minute she comes in I start cry even more! hahaha. Now I am done, I just want to go home at this point. So Here I am on the drive home.....My mom called me cyclops :) Don't be too scared of this picture I was sooo swollen on my whole face and neck and I just got done crying..Look how its sewed to my eyebrow.. ouch!

My mom was here for 3 wonderful days, I honestly don't know what I would of done without her here.. She cooked and took such good care of me. Her and Chase were an awesome team. I almost fainted the first night, and the pain meds made me sick and throw up. But after a couple of rough days I started feeling better...I couldn't remove the bandages till the next week so for a week I had a bandage sewed to my face and it drove me crazy! I had to go back to work the next Tuesday so he took it off on Monday and here is what it looked like...
I am at work now and I think my nose helps me close a sell haha I get the pitty sale haha. But its healing so much faster then I thought. I think he did a awesome job! The skin graph will take a couple months to heal and The scar will probably be really noticeable for about a year but other then that I am feeling great and cancer free!
Here I am today, I am still bruised and my eye is still swollen, same with my nose. I cant wear any bandages or make up over my skin graph, But all the edges are healed its just the very center that is still not great. You would not even guess that I had stitches all the way down to my nostril and up to my eye. My doctor really did a good job and blending in the scar, cause all I can see right now is the skin graph and not the rest of where he put the stitches. I think my doctor did a great job.. u can barley see the scar on the left side of my face!

I honestly have the most caring husband, family and friends in the world. Every day I got flowers from someone in the ward, work, or my friends. They cooked me meals, sent me cookies, brought me cold stone and my visiting teachers made me home made salsa and chips! That is my favorite snack of all time. I just want to thank everyone for keeping me in their prayers, I truly felt all your love and I am sooo thankful!!!! Thank you everyone!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well I am sitting here in the waiting room at my wonderful derms office. They just took some of the cancer out and are testing it to see how much more they need to take. My brother in law was kind enough to lend me is computer, so I can sit in the waiting room and watch some great chick flicks that my mom brought me last night. Hmmm.. what movie to watch... I have a lot of choices...The scarlet Pimpernel, Becoming Jane, Emma, Miss Potter, or the Queen. All movies Chase is probably thankful that I am watching them alone and not making him watch haha. They say i will wait about 1 hour and a 1/2 then go get more taken out. I will keep everyone posted. As of right now I have a swollen face and my eye is swollen shut but i think its just because of the numbing stuff, and I have a great looking bandage covering the left side of my face. IF only Chase can see how pretty I look now haha! My spirits are high and I am no longer scared, just thankful that I am getting it taken care of. Lets just hope I don't leave looking like this! haha