Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Life for Chase and I is all about changes lately. He started a new job, I moved down to our Orem office so I can be closer to my Dr. and take it easy. We had a little scare about 3 weeks ago. I started bleeding a ton, went to the hospital by my work in Salt Lake, spent all day there to find out the babies are OK which was such good news, but that I have a low Laying Placenta, which if I overdo anything it causes bleeding. They say 90 % of the time it moves, so nothing to worry about. So after a some bedrest and the hospital bill we decided it will be good to be closer down here for my job at the moment :). The dr. just told me no exercising or overdoing anything right now. I'm just glad everything is ok.

We also bought a lot! We are building a new home :) we are so excited. We bought our lot last week and we are finalizing the house plans this week to start building. Its in South Jordan. My favorite thing is that it is right under the Oquirrh sTemple. Such a pretty View from our front yard. And to top that off it was our third year anniversary yesterday! We are saving our money so we just spent the day looking at our lot, went to lunch and saw Pirates. I can not believe we have been married for only three years. I asked Chase what his favorite thing has been since being married his answer was " hanging out with my best friend, its so cool!" haha I have to agree, I love just hanging out with Chase, he truly is my best friend and it is so cool lol.

For our anniversary we decided our present to each other would be to find out what these cute little babies are! So yesterday morning we went and got a cute little video, pictures and are just so excited to have TWO LITTLE BOYS! I joked with my dad that us kids are making him a football team. This will make 7 boys and one 1 girl for grandchildren on my side, but on Chase's side its all girls so to have two little boys is super exciting! I just am so excited. I have always wanted boys first and to have two makes me excited and nervous. Im really excited for what is to come with Chase and I, with so many good changes I could not be happier right now!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


There are so many fun things about surprises.. The excitement of them, the feeling when you first find out, the nervousness, the unknown. These feelings all past through Chase and I when we went to our first Dr. Appointment. We found out we were expecting our first baby in March. We could not be more excited! It was perfect timing Chase is graduating, he got a job, im ready to be done working :) haha but we all know we cant plan everything. We went to the dr apt. when I was 10 weeks along which was April 4th. They were so nice! I know I am going to love my Dr.

At this office they do a Ultrasound on your first Apt which I loved! As were in there I noticed two little dots, and if you know me I always jump to the worst conclusion, I thought it was not a real pregnancy, poor little Chase though that it was just a double shot of the baby. Then our nurse yells "there are two babies in there!"

I thought she was joking till she showed us the heart beats of both. I guess I should of looked at Chase more cause the minute the nurse looked at his face she could not stop laughing! and no, we were not on any fertility treatments or medicine ( everyone asks us that ).Needless to say we were both shocked, surprised, excited, nervous, but I could not be more happy. I think the nurse told everyone the story cause as we walked around and met our Dr. everyone was just looking and laughing. I know this is going to be a lot of work, I know that it will be hard, but honestly...TWINS!!! Im so excited. They are due in October, we get to find out the sex on June 2nd. We can find out earlier but honestly we don't want to pay the extra bucks to find out cause lets be honest, we are going to have to save every penny we have from now on to prepare for these little munchkins.

Things I want to remember about my first trimester..
1. I feel every pain in my body. I have always been sensitive to the way my body feels but during pregnancy im extra sensitive, always random cramping, muscles being pulled, needless to say once I found out I was having twins this made more sense.
2. I didnt get sick till 8 weeks and then it hit. I am still super sick but lets hope it lifts a little bit
3. I hate cooking! Cooking makes me gag lol and if you know me this is sooo weird!
4. I am so tired all day everyday, I can fall asleep anywhere now where as before you could not catch me falling asleep unless I was in my bed.
5. Not loving any spicy foods, chips and salsa, all my favorites! Im hating them! Everything taste a little different in my mouth now.
6. Poor Chase is all I have to say for this one....
7. I feel like im not grumpy but I sure do have a shorter Fuse
8. I get lot's of headaches
9.I love being pregnant! might not seem like it as you read these but I love seeing my stomach grow just a little and know I am taking care of two little babies.
10. I have to eat carbs right when I wake up and go to bed or else I get sick. Cereal has become my best friend.
11. In and out protein style cheeseburgers have been my food of choice.
12. Always keep trash bags in your car... Always... :)

Thats all for now :)