Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bath time

The boys love their baths. It is probably my favorite time of day, i just get such good one on one time with them because Chase is home and can play with one boy while I bath the other. Their favorite thing for me to do is sing to them while they are taking a bath. They laugh so hard, I dont know if its because my voice is so bad its funny or that they just love singing (Chase thinks its the first option) ha ha. So here is me singing in all my glory.

This one of Porter cracks me up, it was after Whitney Houston died so I her songs were in my head, Porter looks so concerned when I go waaayyy out of key, love it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeding Solids

So I decided it was time to start trying Rice cereal with the boys. They always seem so interested when people are eating that I just felt bad holding out on them ha ha. Most of my pictures are taken with my phone because its always there and can capture the moments, when I try and take pictures with my real camera its too slow to catch the smile and they get scared of the flash to where they end up looking like a deer in head lights..

Tate looking at the spoon..

Porter not sure if he wants that spoon..

Porter not sure how he is liking it...

Tate really concerned about what is going on in his mouth...

 hmm.. we think we might like this!

 Also Happy Valentines day! I ended up getting sick on Valentine's Day so needless to say it was not that exciting.

Also they boys got to watch my tradition of watching Anne of Green Gables when I am sick, and they loved it :).

Tate just having fun on the couch...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Four Months

Both Boys have started sleeping through the night. One night I woke up at 6 am freaking out because I thought I slept through their midnight feeding, but lo and behold they both started deciding they didn't need that feeding anymore. Their bedtime routine is eat, take a bath and read stories with dad, they go to bed at 8 :15, dream-feed at 10:30 ( for those of you that don't know what that is, A "dreamfeed" is referred to as the "late evening feeding" in On Becoming Babywise. This is the last feeding of the day before you go to bed) This is my favorite feeding, they honestly know when its coming. I go in their room they prop their legs up for me automatically so I can pick them up and then start making a sucking sound with out a bottle in their mouth yet, and this is all with their eyes closed and half asleep, It seriously is so cute. Then they sleep till 7 in the morning. They are still on a 3 hour feeding schedule during the day . They love singing and dancing, every morning I put on pandora on my ipad and listen to oldies. Their favorite song for me to sing to them is "walk like a man". They have started grabbing things and trying to put it in their mouths. I think they are starting to teeth, but I dont expect any teeth in the near future. They also notice each other so much more now, they just grab at each other constantly and suck on each others hands. Tate loves talking to Porter and Porter just cracks up at any noise Tate makes.

Porter: 14 lbs 11 oz and 25 inches long. Rolling over, always wakes up 45 min in to his naps whines for about a minute then goes back to sleep, is really good at independent play. He can play on the activity mat all day if I let him. He likes to play instead of eat, which makes feeding really hard when holding him. He will just look at me and smile and let the milk drip all over his face. He is a daddies boy. He will smile at Chase all day long. Loves to be sang too while changing his diaper. Loves to suck on his hands, right now anytime you look at Porter I swear he has a fist in his mouth.

Tate: 14 lbs 15 oz and 24 3/4 inches long. Has started to roll over, loves bath time, he is going to be our little swimmer he just kicks and kicks in the tub. He loves his sleep and hates getting woken up from a nap. Is a little harder to see his dimples, I think its because his cheeks are so big, but when he smiles super big you can see them. Does not like to be in one spot for to long, I have to move him around about every 5 min to a different activity. Loves his mamma. I am in charge of Tate at church and Dad is in charge of Porter. He is out little droller and spitter upper. Chase should know better by now never to lift him over his head after feeding, lol but Chase gets to excited to play with him and always ends up with spit up its kind of funny.

I just love these boys to death!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Yes, All I'm blogging about are the boys lately. Lets be honest they are my life now :) I really don't do anything that does not involve them so this is what you get ha ha. We finally were able to bless the boys on the 22nd of January. We were asked to bless the babies in our home because our ward is to big. The Sunday before the bishopric told us there were over 500 people were in our sacrament, so needless to say we had to keep the blessing small since it was in our home, we had immediate family only. My family came up and stayed with me in our new home. We are sooo thankful we had family willing to travel for this special day and are so appreciative of them dropping things in California, New Mexico and Nevada to be here for us.
My brother John and his wife Brooke and their four kids, my sister Lori and her son James all stayed in our basement. It was a great way to break in our home :) It feels so empty with all of them gone, I hope now that we live in a house and have room for them that they will visit more. My parents decided to stay at a hotel , I think they figured we had enough house guest. My brother Brad was not able to make it, we missed you guys! Chases family drove up for this special day, His sister Kendal and Martin and McKay and Lo were not able to make it, we miss you guys!
Chase did an amazing job, I was so nervous for this day and to be honest doing it in our home kind of took the pressure off. The boys did really good and Chase gave them a beautiful blessing. We sang I am a child of God before the blessing and that got me and my mom teary :). Madison ( Our niece) was so cute she led us in the song, she is so grown up now. It was a very special day and one I will always remember. Just seeing everyone we loved gathered in our home to bless these special boys and for their love and support was something that I will always treasure. After the blessing we ate lunch then went to church, came home and watched sports and played games.

The week was filled with fun., laughter, grandparents getting worn out from taking grandchildren to museums, parks, and skiing, messes ( got chase and I used to it which is a good thing because I can only imagine what Tate and Porter are going to do when they become toddlers haha ). We miss everyone and love you all. Thank you for being a part of this day.
My sister Lori and nephew James, Little Davis is in her belly and due March 15th!My Parents
Chase's Parents
Our sweet little family
Grandma and Aunt Nancy and Uncle SteeleChase's Family minus Kenni, martin, Lo and McKay and Cora.watching some footballEating some grubThe boys adopted Aunt and UncleThe three cousins
Brooke, Caroline and Porter. The boys love all the little kids around, Caroline could get them to laugh all the time.My Brother john and his son Luke and Hunter