Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In August my parents took our whole family to Hawaii. Oh my gosh I can not even begin to explain how much fun we had and the boys had! They were in heaven. First of all they got so much attention. Their not used to it, they were such little hams just smiling and showing off. As we were waiting to get on the plane to fly to Hawaii I was such a nervous mess. A 5 1.2 hour flight with two rambunctious twin boys was really worrying me, but before we took off there was a group of Asians that all of a sudden started taking a whole bunch of pictures of the boys! then a crowd started gathering and people took turns holding them and taking pictures of them, im not kidding there were 50 or more Asians that wanted to take their picture! come to find out twins mean good luck in their culture :). That automatically put me more at ease, I was hoping people would forgive them on the flight if they were cute :). This did not happen.. they cried hard the first 20 min they were so tired but eventually fell asleep, the rest of the plane ride was as good as to be expected.

Once we landed and got to the hotel I knew this trip was going to be one of a kind. The hotel was made for little kids! I knew we were going to have so much fun. We shared a Villa with my sister, Haws, James and Davis. It was so fun to get up at 3 in the morning and go to the living room and chat with Haws and Lori since our kids were awake because of the time difference :) ( being a little sarcastic :) ). Eventually they got used to the time change on our last day there! This Hotel was great! It was the New Disney hotel Aulani. They had great pools, water slides, A lazy River, a kids section of water slides and ropes. Everyday we would just walk right to the pool or beach. The boys were in heaven. They are OBSESSED with water. It makes me want to get a pool :). 

My favorite and the boys too was the Characters that were at the hotel! The boys were in love with mickey and mini mouse! We ate breakfast with them one morning and it was all smiles the whole time. 
We had a couple of nights with no kids which was really nice. I feel like i never get to talk to my brothers and sisters with out our kids interrupting us all the time so it was nice to get that alone time with them. My parents and Grandma were amazing! I feel like they have more energy then me sometimes! My dad was in the pool with all the grandkids all day everyday, my grandma and mom always was willing to watch babies while they slept in the hotel room so we could be outside and swim. We also got spoiled and got to get massages while we were there. Needless to say we had major withdrawls when we got home. I was all alone with the boys again. the Boys seemed bored with our everyday life, you could tell they miss the water and the action.
 Im really thankful for this trip and the chance we were able to spend together as a family and for my boys to get to know their cousins more. There were five babies all born with in a year of each other, i cant wait to see what their relationship will be like when they are older :)