Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Only in Provo

As Chase, Lo, Chase's roommate Blake and I were driving around Provo we saw the biggest snowman ever! It was white when we first saw it then I think the college kids took some pinball's to it and some dirt. Only in Provo would people be bored enough to actually build this huge snowman! and actually take time to take a picture by it haha enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

On the Road again...

Since Chase and I got engaged I have not been in Utah for the Weekend! It was off to California for Christmas.. come back to Utah to go to school.. Fly back to California for my best friend Chelcie's wedding, go back to school and then Chase and I went to New Mexico this last weekend thanks to good old Martin! (Chase and I had no school because of Martin Luther King day). Let me tell you, I love being away from Utah right now! It has snowed every weekend and has been freezing. Chase and I were happy to get away and go spend time the with fam. This weekend was full of basketball games, eating, Nintendo playing, eating, board games, eating, cotton candy making, and some more eating (which i bet is really good for my wedding diet)! Now that's how you spend a weekend. It was so fun and were sad to be in Utah and back to reality!Bowling w/ Chaser on the Wii
(Now I understand why he was so busy over Christmas Break :))

Chase putting a Disney Movie on for me so I can fall asleep to it
Chase and his parents(Larry and Yevette) watching Ali and Ryder playing some BBall (they won both their games!)
Chase's sister,Ali, kicking some butt on the basketball court!Chase's brother,Ryder, drinking the family favorite.. Dew I have to admit I suck at making Cotton Candy But Ali is the master
The boys are anxious to eat
The result What Chase and I do best... eat!Ryder setting up Ticket to Ride ( Chase and I are hooked on this game!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I found it!!!

Well everyone I found my camera chord! I was cleaning out my drawers in my room and it fell behind the drawer! I'm so excited! so now I will post some pictures from my Christmas break and of my two good friends weddings. You have to see this video of my nephews! push pause on the music play list so you can hear the video!
My amazing friend Michelle and Jake got married and they looked so good!!! It was such a fun wedding. Chase and I stayed in Utah till the 23 to go to both Michelle and McCall's wedding and it was worth it! It was so much fun! congrats you guys!

McCall and Ryan got married the day before and let me tell you.. I cant believe how amazing they both looked! It was freezing outside and they did not complain once! I'm so happy for both of them.

I got home the 23, just in time for Christmas Eve. Here is Joshua with my Dad. He just loves "bop". Joshua actually smiled really good in this picture! he usually squeezes his eyes shut when he smiles.

Lori is the human jungle gym in this picture...

Lori and I helping Joshua feed the ducks

Yea, I'm the favorite Aunt... they always want to be around me :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Hunt is on!

OK so planning a wedding when your in a different state is pretty hard! Especially when school started last week and for some reason all my teachers have decided to make this semester almost impossible! It is the second day of school and I have had three test and had to do a group project already! I also had to read 125 pages last night and take a test on it today so school is not making it any easier to plan a wedding! I have three appointments to look and try on dresses on Wednesday (Mom,I wish you were here to help with the dresses!) and Chase and I met with our invitation lady last night. Chase is a pro at this wedding stuff! He picked out all the colors for the invitation and did such a good job! I'm really lucky he has good taste and is there to help! I have most of the big things done, we got a reception place, a photographer, and our invitations, but if anyone has any ideas of where to find nice brown suits let me know!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas and New Years

Well I can not find my camera upload cord anywhere! I have been waiting to put up a new post till I found it but I think I just have to go buy a new one so I'm borrowing every ones pictures for this post. Chase and I were apart for 2 weeks during the holidays and let me tell you I did not like it one bit! Even though me and my mom were super busy doing wedding things everyday I still missed Chase a lot. I don't know how people have a long distance relationship especially when the guy is not a big phone person. But besides missing him it was so great to be with my family. I just love them so much. We had to wait two says after Christmas to actually really celebrate because everyone else was at their in-laws but it was worth the wait. Thanks everyone for a great Christmas, mom and dad your the best!! I hung out with my sister a lot as we redecorated her apt., went to movies, and played with our little nephews. I have the funniest videos of them that hopefully i can post later! i wish everyone lived up in Utah with me :) New Years was low key.. everyone came to my parents house.. I was the only one there not married but it was fun because they all gave me wedding advice and ideas for the wedding! It was a great two weeks but it also is amazing being back with Chaser... Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!Joshua being such a big boy and helping pass out the presents

The aftermathHaws' mom made Lori these slippers but did not fit her but my feet are huge so she gave them to me! Thanks!

Luke and Joshua being angels by the Christmas Tree