Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fly off the seat of your pants..

I got a call from our Regional Manager on Friday, told me I was going to Florida on Sunday and spend two days in our corporate offices with our CEO and other employees.. So I jumped on a plane flew to Tampa Florida, stayed in an awesome hotel where the Jonas Brothers were staying as well :) When I told chase this he reminded I am almost 25 and married haha I had a great two days with everyone, then flew back last night. I am tuckerd out.. I am at work right now and I cant seem to function, but it was a great trip, I learned a lot and its always nice to get your mind refreshed. I love the company I work for.. if any wants laser hair removal this is the place to come!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh it was so lovely being away for the week! I can not begin to describe how much this vacation was needed. Tuesday night my mom and grandma drove from California and stayed with us then we all drove together Wednesday to good old Montana. It was sooo good to see everyone!!! I have missed them all so much. It was so nice of the Bendheims to have us. We ate lots of yummy food, played games, and were on the lake all day. Chase got up for his first time ever on the wake board! thanks to the help of peter, redge, john, and brad :) they were great instructors. It was nice to just wake up in the morning, go on walks, come home and just walk down to the lake. And all three of my nephews were loved like crazy. Chase and I were so excited to see them! little Lukey just loved chase, i think its because anytime i couldn't find Chase he would be in the play room with Luke or Joshua or Tanner, chase loved playing with those boys. It was a great trip and chase and i loved every minute ( except the night he got heat poisoning... that wasn't fun). My sister and our nephew LukeMy Brother Johnny showing his stuff :)Johnny and my amazing Grandmamy brothers John and Brad in the cuzzi with their boysMy Dad and nephew LukeMy sister Lori, her amazing husband Haws ( chris :) ) and PeterMy brother Brad wake boarding even with a sprained ankle!Brooke, john, Kori and the boys before our walkSexy Chase, my nephew Joshua and Johnny skipping rocksMy amazing parents on our hikeChase and I playing in the woodsA Game of intense Phase ten. My nephew Joshua is a huge card player! he is only four but he can skip people like no ones business :)Haws and his first time wake boarding!My SIL Kori and my Brother Brad his their cute son Tanner... i love them!Look at my sis go!! she was awesome at every water sport!!!
Chase and I didnt get many pictures together or any of us wake boarding, but here is the end to a great trip!!