Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Year!!! WE DID IT!!!

My boys are one! I feel like Chase and I should of thrown ourselves a party for surviving the first year! Time really did go by so fast, when they were first born I remember thinking "this is never going to end!" but now im here and ALIVE. The boys are doing great, They are both walking now, saying mom, dad, stop, no and a bunch of jabber to each other. They have been interactively playing with each other lately. They chase each other around and yell jibber to each other. They also love to tackle, bite, push and steal from each other. I dont know when this will end but I hope soon because I can not leave the room if they are together because in two seconds someone is biting the other one. They are still taking two naps about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each and still sleeping 11-11 1/2 hours at night. They take a bottle in the morning and one at night and eat three meals a day. They are the most social little boys. They love other people and get so excited when we go out, to church, the store. They get so sad when we leave. It makes it hard at church though, they are so loud! they want to talk to everyone and walk around, basically Chase and I are in the hallways almost all of church, i cant wait for nursery :).



 Porter is 30 inches and 22 pounds. He is super smart, he gets things really fast. He mimics everything you do. He makes growling sounds like Dad, he love to make you laugh so he will basically do anything you do just to see you laugh, and if you dont laugh he will keep doing it till you do. He needs to get more confidence when walking he just goes from wall to wall to keep his balance even though he can do it. He has turned into a cuddle bug and i love it! when they wake up from their naps we just sit together for 30 min just cuddling and watching little Einstein's. He knows how to throw his fits and im super sad because he taught his brother Tate on how to throw the most elaborated fit ever. They both just fall on the floor rolling around and crying and will not look at you. They will stop once the realize mom is not going to pay attention. Porter still gives his smiles away like crazy and I love his big dimples :). His favorite things are veggie sticks, baby food pouches, dry blueberries, gogurts, pushing anything he can find around the whole house, and still putting anything he can in his mouth, he thinks its a game when you say no and starts to laugh everytime you say it. 

Tate is 30 inches and 22 pounds. I could not believe that they weighed the exact same because Tate looks so much bigger to me! I made the Dr. weigh him twice, but nope! they are exactly the same! He is very physical. He walks so good and he wants to run so bad he is pretty close. He is still a mommas boy and loves being held. Its kind of annoying when im trying to make lunch or dinner because he just hangs on my clothes till I pick him up, but I still love him :). He has become the little teaser though, he knows how to push Porters buttons and just laughs when Porter cries, its pretty sad :(. But he loves when Porter chases him, he always looks behind him to make sure Porter is right there. He has gotten a little more attitude lately but I was expecting it ( just look at his parernts). His favorite things are walking around the whole house multiple times a day, looking in the mirror, finding moms make up and throwing it, veggie sticks, pretzels, applejuice, chocolate ( which i rarley give him), peanut butter, dried apples, and reading. 

These boys are crazy, loveable, best friends, challenging, fun and just full of life! I love them Happy one year boys!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In August my parents took our whole family to Hawaii. Oh my gosh I can not even begin to explain how much fun we had and the boys had! They were in heaven. First of all they got so much attention. Their not used to it, they were such little hams just smiling and showing off. As we were waiting to get on the plane to fly to Hawaii I was such a nervous mess. A 5 1.2 hour flight with two rambunctious twin boys was really worrying me, but before we took off there was a group of Asians that all of a sudden started taking a whole bunch of pictures of the boys! then a crowd started gathering and people took turns holding them and taking pictures of them, im not kidding there were 50 or more Asians that wanted to take their picture! come to find out twins mean good luck in their culture :). That automatically put me more at ease, I was hoping people would forgive them on the flight if they were cute :). This did not happen.. they cried hard the first 20 min they were so tired but eventually fell asleep, the rest of the plane ride was as good as to be expected.

Once we landed and got to the hotel I knew this trip was going to be one of a kind. The hotel was made for little kids! I knew we were going to have so much fun. We shared a Villa with my sister, Haws, James and Davis. It was so fun to get up at 3 in the morning and go to the living room and chat with Haws and Lori since our kids were awake because of the time difference :) ( being a little sarcastic :) ). Eventually they got used to the time change on our last day there! This Hotel was great! It was the New Disney hotel Aulani. They had great pools, water slides, A lazy River, a kids section of water slides and ropes. Everyday we would just walk right to the pool or beach. The boys were in heaven. They are OBSESSED with water. It makes me want to get a pool :). 

My favorite and the boys too was the Characters that were at the hotel! The boys were in love with mickey and mini mouse! We ate breakfast with them one morning and it was all smiles the whole time. 
We had a couple of nights with no kids which was really nice. I feel like i never get to talk to my brothers and sisters with out our kids interrupting us all the time so it was nice to get that alone time with them. My parents and Grandma were amazing! I feel like they have more energy then me sometimes! My dad was in the pool with all the grandkids all day everyday, my grandma and mom always was willing to watch babies while they slept in the hotel room so we could be outside and swim. We also got spoiled and got to get massages while we were there. Needless to say we had major withdrawls when we got home. I was all alone with the boys again. the Boys seemed bored with our everyday life, you could tell they miss the water and the action.
 Im really thankful for this trip and the chance we were able to spend together as a family and for my boys to get to know their cousins more. There were five babies all born with in a year of each other, i cant wait to see what their relationship will be like when they are older :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

8 and 9 months

Its becoming harder and harder to get any free time. The boys have grown up so much the last couple months. They seem like little kids to me now. They are having a little bit of separation anxiety lately. They hate when I leave the room even if they were not even paying any attention to me, the minute I walk out they start crying. The last two months have been kind of crazy. We went to New Mexico for Chases little brothers farewell. He is going to Germany for two years! were going to miss him so much. Then we went to California for 10 days to hang out for memorial day. When we got back the boys both got that mouth, hands and foot disease. Luckily it was a mild case and only showed up in the mouth. Then Tate got his first two teeth! Teething was so much fun (NOT). Porter still does not have any teeth. I just went to the dr and Tate has a ear infection. Chase also got the shingles during this time, so he couldn't play with the twins that much seeing as it was contagious to them because they have not had chicken pox yet. We are still waiting to see if they will get them or not, it can stay in their system up to 20 days before any signs show up. Needless to say a break sounds pretty good right now :)

Other then all the sickness the boys are great! They Pull out the smiles all the time and I love it. The minute I take out my phone they start smiling, seeing as the only pictures I get of them are with my phone. Ever since they got sick they have loved waking up at 530 in the morning. This is not ideal so we are trying to ween off their third nap to see if it will make them sleep in longer. So far they have slept in till 7 both times! im excited :) They Take two two hour naps sometimes longer. The hard part is just keeping them up till bedtime with out them getting to fussy.  They drink four bottles and eat three solids a day. They are little jibberjabbers. They say momma and dadda all the time. They love their dad, and by love i mean LOVE!!! Seriously, anytime they hear his voice or see him they squeal and laugh and cant wait to be picked up by him. It make me wonder if they would do that for me if I was gone all day.. but I guess we will never know..

Tate is 20lbs 3 oz and 28.5 inches. He got his first two teeth all at once. He is so close to crawling! He is a master at the army crawl, he just needs to figure out he can move his legs. He loves sitting on mommys lap. If I am sitting anywhere around him he crawls right up on me. Porter sees this and then cries and follows suit, Porter hates being left out. Tate favorite words is Momma. Its not so cute when he is whining and say it but other then that its adorable :). He loves snacks! He is so my child. He is feeding himself really well. He really likes gogurt, veggie sticks, Puffs, yogurt melts. He is a little more skittish of things. He doesn't like water being splashed at him by his brother or to get thrown up in the air by his Dad.

Porter is 19 lbs 11 oz and 29 inches. He still has no teeth but that does not stop him eating what he wants. Lately he has been really into green beans, Veggie Sticks, Cheese, and Peas. He puts them all in his mouth at once, I dont think he realizes that he can eat one at a time. He says dadda all the time. He is a little dare devil. We have to watch him really well in the bath because he just wants to go all over the place. He loves to splash Tate and getting himself dirty with his food. He has not started to crawl yet but he does like to roll everywhere to get where he wants. His favorite things are getting under the crib and Playing with door Stops.

 Porter knowing that he is in trouble for motorboating all his food all over me and him...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seven Months

I am so behind on blogging but I want to blog about the boys 7 Months before I forget! They are both sitting up so good now. They rarely fall and if they do they just roll around the room which is funny to see where they end up. They are still eating 5 bottles a day and eating three times a day with solids. They still take three naps. The first one is about 2 hours or more. Second one is 1 1/2 and third is another two hours. I tried getting them to stay up longer between naps and shorten the last nap but that didn't work out so well... they just love their sleep too much which I am in no way complaining about :). Ever since the sun has been rising earlier they are waking earlier. They now wake up between 6 - 630. I tried everything to get them to wake up at seven again but nothing worked so I am just going to accept that they are early risers. They have started talking to each other which is really kind of funny. Sometimes I just leave them in their room together and you just hear dadad mamamama back and forth. They love the water, going on walks, swinging, and basically anything out doors.


Porter still gets a kick out of his brother he thinks Tate is just so funny. Porters first word is Dada which fits perfectly because he is a daddys boy. He hates the car seat still but is getting better and better each day. I keep thinking he is my feisty one but seriously every day is changes. One day he is a angel while tate is the trouble maker then the next day its opposite. They just like to keep me guessing :).
Tate is rolling around like crazy in his crib. He is our little mover. He also has started scooting backwards which im hoping does not mean he is going to be crawling soon, I love that their not mobile yet ha ha. His first word was Mama which is great cause he is a mama's boy.  
and here is a video of them dancing :) I think its sooo funny i seriously have no idea why they dance like this and its only to my singing, I must shake my head while I sing or something ha ha