Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby bump

I told myself I would be better at taking pictures of these two little boys, and I have not been good at this task at all:) I decided I would make a effort and take them before church today ( and plus my sister in law reminded me last night I needed to take some). So here I am at 30 weeks with two cute little identical boys. They sure love to stretch out, both of their heads are down and all four feet are at my ribs. It's wonderful ;). Tomorrow I get another ultra sound to make sure they are doing great. The great thing about twins is that you get to have a ultra sound every two weeks! Its heaven. No names picked out yet, I just call them baby A and baby B. They already have different personalities. I love it. So here is the huge baby bump in all its glory and mom who is loving them more and more every day.