Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Months

Time really is going by so fast, I cant believe these little munchkins are five months old. I think they weigh around 17 or 18 pounds. The are growing more hair now, it just sticks straight up! They are still sleeping through the night except for when they get out of their swaddles and wake themselves up. I usually have to go in around 5:30 re wrap them, then they fall back asleep till 7. They still are taking four naps a day. The fourth nap is really short, i always try and see if they can skip it but they always get to tired and need a little cat nap before dinner. They still will not sleep anywhere unless they are swaddled and in a bed. They will never fall asleep on me and Chase. It makes me miss when they were first born and would always cuddle with me :( They like to stand up with me holding their hands. They always look at me with the biggest smile when they do this, like they are so proud of themselves. They will put everything and anything into their mouths. They are defiantly teething and its been pretty hard some days. Chase knows when I need a break and lets me leave the house when he gets back from work just so I can be alone. They are letting their personalities shine a lot more now. They still hate their car seats, but as long as its a quick drive and they get in their stroller fast they are ok :)

Tate is my sweet spirit. I think he knows that I have my hands full with Porter and just relaxes and will wait patiently for my attention and the moment I show him any attention he gives the biggest smiles. He loves eating solids now. He was always good with the spoon but did not like rice cereal that much, but when I mix it with something else he gobbles it right up. He sits up really good on his own for a couple seconds and loves to play with anything he can put in his mouth. His favorite thing to do right now is for me to hold him while he chews on my thumb. Tate loves his brother, the minute I put Porter downby him he just stares and reaches out for him. 

 Porter is my little fire cracker, He has defiantly found his voice. He can give you the sweetest little sideways smile and just melt your heart then let out this scream that is so loud that if chase is not in the room he thinks im hurting him but nope its just Porter finding his voice, I think its his way to show me that he is here and he wants me to play with him and only him. He rolls around really good. He almost never gets tummy time because as soon as I put him on his tummy he rolls right over. His favorite toy is this little ball we have. He always steals it from Tate if he can reach. Porter took a while to get used to eating from a spoon but now he does good. His favorite food right now is sweet potatoes. Port man is my good sleeper now, he loves his sleep and will let you know when he is ready for bed by yes you guessed it screaming :) and yes he is still a daddies boy. 

These boys are just growing up so much and I cant wait to see what their relationship with each other will be when they get older. They are already best buds and I love it.