Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I went home for my first baby shower :) It felt so nice to get away and go down to see my family. I wish Chase could of come too but he is a working man now :) I flew down Friday night, all of us girls went and saw Harry Potter and then on Saturday was my shower and man was it amazing! seriously I am so thankful to everyone that helped throw it. It was at my best friends chelcie's house and if you know the Clawsons you know that they can throw a party :) Marsha went above and beyond! I was so shocked! It was seriously like a wedding. Chase was so amazed when i sent him pictures he couldn't believe it. It was so good to see old friends that I have not seen in forever and to catch up with everything. I think that was my favorite part, was just seeing all the people I have missed the last couple years. On Sunday we celebrated my wonderful dads birthday. It was the first birthday party I have been able to celebrate with everyone in a couple years so it meant a lot to me to see everyone.

Here is my adorable nepheww playing some t-ball and helping "bop" blow out his birthday candles :)

Here are some pictures from my shower. This is the outside. Its in the colors green and brown.
Here is the yummy food, it was so cute they made little "peas in the pod" oreo bites! i loved it!Yes Marsha has a crepe chief there. AMAZING! they had lunch crepes and dessert. I have never seen anything like it, they were sooo good!The three prego girls, Me, Jen and Brooke. I know they are tiny, dont judge me lol. I do have two in there!Me and my hot sis.