Tuesday, March 12, 2013

life with twins

I keep coming to my computer to catch up on this blog and then the boys start screaming, or whining, or fighting with each other and it seems like I never have a break and when I do, I spend it quietly with Chase watching some T.V show just to escape from reality for a bit :). But I keep telling myself I need to update ( not to mention the couple times a day my mom also tells me :) )! I love looking back on posts and seeing how much the boys have changed and I regret not keeping up better. As im sitting here listening to some old Greys Anatomy soundtrack its bringing back college memories and reminds me of how fast the time really does go and it makes me so sad. Soon I wont hear little footsteps running around the house looking for something else to break, or handprints all over the walls, or boys crying for mom to hold them, or flour poured all over the floor, or trash getting dumped. Even though its hard right now and most days I have to take a 5 min breather alone in the bathroom to keep calm, I'm really going to miss them this young, even as mischievous as they are. I also will miss their sweet kisses, smiles, hugs, cuddles, and story time.

Everyday I'm reminded that they are growing up. They just turned 17 months and are becoming more independent. They want to feed themselves, and will turn their head if I even try to feed them. They don't like to sit still at all! They honestly could run for hours if I let them. Its hard to go anywhere alone because they are not interested in the toys, or the playground. They are more interested in the grass, and rocks, and sidewalk. Im always so jealous of those little kids that just sit still in church or behave at the grocery store. But I have to remind myself that my boys are crazy and wild and free and I honestly wouldn't have them any other way ( well maybe on sundays ha ha ). They run and don't stop running. The other day chase had to chase after them while I drove the car because they were running so far we didn't think they would have the energy to come back. They ran for more then a mile! They are best buds, but also worst enemies. They love to play with each other. If one wakes up before the other they will go stand by their brothers door talking just waiting for them to wake up.

My little Tate man... You love to cuddle!  and I LOVE it! I love that when he sees me he runs to me and just lays his head on my shoulder. He is saying, Mama, Dada, Boo, Hi, Yes, No, and then just a bunch of gibberish to his brother, He is constantly Talking but I dont understand a word of it. He still hates the car seat. His favorite thing to do is grab books and sit on your lap to read them. He is so athletic! He will catch any kind of ball you throw at him, football, basketball, soccer ball. He is a dare devil and will try to climb up anything and go down anything. His favorite movie right now is Toy Story. His favorite foods are cuties, pringles, yogurt,  and eggs. I think his favorite time of day is when Dad comes home. The minute he hears the garage door open he runs so fast, most of the time tripping, and just jumps up to his Dad and just laughs and laughs I need to record it one day because honestly its one of my favorite times of day too :)

Oh Port-man :) He is filled with such a strong spirit! He knows what he likes and will not take no for a answer. He either throws a tantrum to get his way ( which I try not to give in when he acts like that) or melt mom or Dad with your cute dimples and smile. He loves to give kisses by placing his hand on people lips then putting his hand back on his lips. He is a super picky eater ( Hence why he is still smaller then Tate) but will eat yogurt, oatmeal, grapes, pretzels, Mac and cheese and baby food pouches. He says, stop, no, mama, dada, ball.  He also is a Daddies boy, If he is not feeling good he wants Dad more then mom.  He loves to kick balls, and chase after Tate in circles. His favorite thing to do is put a blanket over his head and play peek-a-boo. He loves his brother but is also a little feisty with him. He loves to put things on his head or face and will keep them on forever.

 These boys are crazy, fun and Tiring. People always say " I dont know how you do it!" and im like well I cant really turn one in so I have to ha ha. It was a harsh reality from going to no kids to two, and its taking a lot of patience and learning, but I have to say I think Chase and I are doing pretty good job :).