Sunday, December 14, 2008

Living La Vida Loca

Life has been crazy!! I'm in my last week of school forever!!! I cant believe I am finally graduating! With Work and school and our church callings, our life's have been pretty hectic. So i'll try to catch you up on the last month! Chase and I took a  trip to California to take family pictures with my fam, and the Clawsons were nice enough to have us stay at their beautiful Cabin! The boys played some Wii while us girls ate and went to see Twilight. It was a nice quick weekend and good to see my family, I haven't seen most of then since the wedding! We then went to Chase's home for Thanksgiving. It was the first time in like five years since the kids have all been there! So, it was a blast!! Their family was nice enough to have Thanksgiving a day early seeing as we had to drive back to Utah on Thanksgiving day so I could be at work. Thanks again Hathaways! that was so nice of you!!!After the traveling, we have just been studying and getting ready for Christmas, it finally snowed here yesterday! I was starting to get really sad because I love the snow ( I hate driving in it) but it is so pretty to look at :) Oh, Chase and I also went to Disney on Ice :) I loved it and so did Chase haha!!! I recommend it to all of you!!!! Well wish us luck this last week of school, I better pass all my classes!!! Third row baby! thats how we roll :)