Friday, June 27, 2008

So far, so good..

Missouri... or as I call it, the state of sleeping in fear.. haha. Sometimes I wake up at like three in the morning just to make sure the weather is ok.. Chase loves it :) For those of you that know me, I kind of am a hypocontriact and lately Missouri has been kind of stormy. The tornado siren has gone off two times so far, even though we still have yet to see one, the rivers are about to flood over, and I swear this is the summer Missouri is going to get washed out thanks to a Sunday school lesson I had a couple weeks ago about the clearing out of Missouri. It actually is kind of exciting, and luckily I have Chase here to keep me sane and tell me not to worry, even though he is laughing half the time at me when I get scared.

Here is the outside of our Apt. it was such a pretty night Emily and I decided to be models and show off the beautiful night sky.
This last weekend was really fun. We went to downtown St. Louis and just walked around. The night life here is huge! There is never a dull moment. We also went to the zoo with Emily and Lane. Want to know the best thing about the zoo here? Its free!!! It was a really nice zoo and huge!!! I loved it, I just love animals!!!
Imagine if we had to use this as our transportation today... ouch... I just love this little boys haircut...
can you feel the love tonight...
Ok, please tell me this monkey looks exactly like Harry from Harry and the Henderson's!! He made me want to go watch it...
The amazing couple Lane and Emily..

This monkey had no hair on it's body whatsoever.. it was kind of creepy...
This reminds me of the Jungle cruise at Disneyland.. I swear the elephant was about to squirt me at any moment...

Work has been going good and Chase is doing great in his sells.. life here is growing on me and I actually really like it. Emily and I have our girl days while the boys are at work and just enjoying the summer. Well I have to go, Chase and I are getting Emily and Lane hooked on Prison Break and were starting the first season right now.. I love Micheal Scofield!! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Everybody's working for the weekend..

I got a job! I have been searching all week for one and yesterday I got one! I'm really excited because I needed a job to where I can walk to work because Chase will need the car for his job. There were not that many options in where I could work seeing as there is one little shopping center, but I'm happy with what i got. Panera Bread! I have worked at these kind of stores before and have loved it and I figured for two months its not that bad! I can walk to work and they are hiring me as a manager!! The guy interviewing me said he would love to have me be a shift manager, which is awesome! I am so relieved now that I found a job just to help us out while we are here in Missouri so we can save more money. The only down fall is that Chase works from about 12 to 10 at night and my hours are going to be 5:30 in the morning ( yes I know, I don't know how I'm going to do it) till about three. So our schedules are not perfect but its only for two months so I think i can handle it :) I am loving Missouri, I'm getting to learn my way around here a little better and they people are so nice and our ward is great too!! There is one other couple here as well that Chase works with and I love his wife! It's fun to have another girl around to hang out with, while we wait for our men to get home from work we either lay out by the pool or watch Anne of green gables, its great :)We have already gone on some double dates and had Sunday dinner with them. Life is good and I can not complain.. I miss you all though! Come visit :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We did it!

Well on May 30th Chase and I were sealed in the Newport Beach temple. It was such a beautiful day and I want to thank everyone who was there to share this special day with me and for traveling to be there, it really meant a lot to me.I don't have any pictures yet, but the ones i am posting are from other people's camera. I had a blast at our reception and I hope everyone else did as well! I loved our view.. it was right on the water and Thanks to Peter Bendheim we got to go away on a boat!! It was awesome! This is us leaving... everyone threw streamers and I got stuck about five different times!We have had a busy last couple of weeks and are excited to finally have things slow down. After our wedding we went to San Francisco for our Honeymoon. It was amazing, but really cold! We did a lot of sight seeing, boat tours, went to Alcatraz, and ate lots of good food! We then drove to New Mexico for our open house. It was beautiful, Chase's mom did a great job and the boys worked hard in the backyard building a pond, waterfall, and a gazebo, it looked so good!!! Im sure all that hard labor paid off right boys :)? But reality had to come sooner or later and we drove to Missouri for the summer. It is beautiful here! I really do love it. Chase has worked two days so far and is doing so good, I'm really proud of him. He works really hard and it pays off. Here is Chase leaving to go to work, I make him a lunch everyday and bought him his own special lunch box, doesn't he look so cute:)As for me, I have been applying to random jobs but have not heard back yet so we will see, but I'm still doing my internship. I love having our own place and just enjoying all these new experiences. I will keep you fully updated on everything from now on and post more pictures from the wedding when I get them!