Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Month

The boys are a month old now.. it has gone by so fast! Granted I have only had them home for two weeks, but it still is crazy to me how old they are now! Nothing really has changed with them, they eat every three hours and sleep and go to the bathroom. Tate and Porter have both peed and pooped while I have changed them. Tate's literally shot out and got all over my clothes and floor, it was during one of the midnight feedings so I was kind of out of it and me and my mom could not stop laughing.

They are still making just as much noise as ever. My mother in law was wondering how i was going to feed them in public, they seriously grunt and growl the whole time, and it is LOUD!. I just love these little guys so much and even though I am the most tired I have ever been in my life, im also the happiest. These boys just melt me. My favorite time of day is around 7, this is when Chase gets home and the boys know it because this is the only time they stay up after a feeding. They are just waiting for Dad to come home and when they see Chase they just stare and smile at him for about a hour, its the cutest thing. Grandma Hathaway and Tate. She stayed here for a week helping me out, she just left today and let me tell you I miss the Grandmas so much! and this is the first day I have not had help. Its a bit of a adjustment! but im handling it ok.
This is how im handling feeding them at the same time lol
Grandma and Porter

Tate sleeping in the love sac just like his Dad.Porter smiling at his Dad, look at those dimples!Porter covering his ear while Nana vacuums, she was loud ha haHappy Halloween!Porter and mom having some quality timePorters bath time Tate bugs bath
Enough with the pictures already mom!

Happy one month boys!!!!