Friday, January 23, 2009


Dont you love being bored at work?? hahaha classic..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just like her "Auntie Dana"

Our cousins Rory and Marielle have the cutest little girl Shaylee. Now, I like her to call me "Auntie Dana" even though she just turned one and does not know what I'm talking about or even know how to say it yet, but that's besides the point. Chase just loves to remind me that she is my cousin not my niece.. but I still cant get enough of the little thing! Every time we hang out with them I honestly just want to squeeze her the whole time! So, one Sunday night while we were having an XBOX Indiana Jones Marathon, Shaylee made me so proud... As most of you know I LOVE Diet Coke and cookie dough ( yes, I know, great combo:)) Anyways, this particular night I was drinking my Diet Coke while making some cookies and I set my coke down for one second, then I turn around to see Shaylee just standing there looking so innocent, CHUGGING my Diet Coke while eating the cookie dough! Don't ask me how the cute little thing got into that but all I can say is

Like Auntie, Like Niece :)
She just poured that Diet Coke so fast that it got all over her ( shirt, pants, hair and who knows where else!), she couldn't even finish eating her delicious cookie dough! haha ( sorry about the stain Rory and Marielle!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy Christmas 2008

This year was my family's turn to do Christmas. It was soo good to be home, I love being with family and old friends. But first here is a look at Chase and I's first Christmas tree. I usually get a real one but this year we went with the fake because I was to lazy to take it down before we left :) We drove to California and went to my grandmas for Christmas eve. We are so lucky to have such a great close family with all of us and our cousin's its always a eventful evening.

Little Tanner being as cute as ever.. he is four months! he has the cutest cheeks ever!My dad ( AKA Jolly old Saint Nicholas)The Davis kids opening Grandma's famous gifts( she is so creative in giving all the kids what fits their personality.. Haws got coal :))Dalton giving poor little Cambria a hug (classic)

My sister, Chelcie, and Me at the Grove in L.A, for those of you that know the movie the other sister we saw the actor that plays Daniel there! I tried getting Chase to yell Daniel to see if he would turn around but no go there.. but in case you have not seen that movie here is a picture of Giovanni Ribisi whom we saw..
We also went to see the movie Australia which I highly recommend!!! It was such a feel good movie and all the boys loved it too!

After a short weekend with my family, we flew to Washington D.C for Chase's brothers wedding. It was short and cold but an amazing trip! I loved walking around the town and seeing all the monuments and museums. I love that most of it is free! The wedding was beautiful and we had tons of fun! We almost did not get to see the white house because we were not sure if we had time but Chase was very persistent and said the one thing people will ask me is if I saw the white house and I want to be able to say I did! haha so we made a trip to go see it and it was worth it :)

We went to George Washington's plantation, Mt. Vernon. It was so pretty and I loved hearing about our first President and his lifeLindsay keeping little Clair warm, It was a VERY cold dayThe best In-Laws anyone can ask for.. The cute couple at the wedding
Madison loved her dress, she kept swirling around saying she was a princess
My cute husband and I enjoying the night of dancing and great foodLittle Clair enjoying her first hot chocolateChris and Chase toasting to their new fond love of each other ( we shared a room with them, we got pretty close this trip :))

Little Ryder, Yevette and I after a night of Dancing!

This was a eventful week and am sad its over! Everything went by to fast! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed the holidays! Now its back to reality, which for me means no more school! :)