Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 months and parents come to visit

My parents came and helped us get settled into our new house the first of January. It was so nice having them here. My mom helped so much with getting things organized and watching the boys. My dad did lots of heavy lifting and lots of long walks, seeing as we did not have cable or internet yet, that just goes to show how much he loves me seeing as it is playoffs haha. If dad was missing we knew he was out walking. Its so pretty around here, I cant wait to get a jogging stroller and for the weather to get warmer so I can take advantage of all the nice walking trails.

The boys also turned three months! Time has gone by fast but also slow if that makes any sense :). They are both doing really well, I think they are over 14 lbs ( i weighed them on my scale). We don't go to a doctor till February so I don't have any stats on them yet. Tate is my good sleeper but more demanding when he is awake, Porter is not that great of sleeper but is very calm during his awake time. They are both FINALLY sleeping in their own rooms! Im so happy that we moved into a house where they don't have to share a room with me anymore. They are only waking up once in the night around 3:30 then wake up at seven for the day. Just yesterday they both decided it was time to roll over during tummy time! I got porter on tape, but now they wont do it today at all.. of course :). The boys overall are pretty good babies and we are some lucky people to have them and claim them as ours :)
Bop with Porter and TatePorter and Tate in their Yankee gear. Chase is a Yankee fan so one of our good friends Chelsy made these jerseys for them, even though i'm an Angel fan I let them wear it.Tate looks like a football player to me here hahaTalking to each otherNana with the boys

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas and moving

We went to New mexico for christmas this year to be with Chase's family. I was so nervous about the drive because these boys HATE their car seats. Running errands is a nightmare, if one cries it wakes up the other one and they just both keep crying, but I cant carry two babies at once so its kind of hard to get out and do stuff.. anyways :) the minute we get in the car to go to new mexico they fell right asleep and slept the whole time! I was in shock! I thought we had a break through but once we got back to Utah it was hating the car seats once again. So, back to Christmas, it was so nice to be with everyone. All the siblings were there and their kids. It went from two grandchildren to 6 since last christmas. It was fun with all of us staying in the house together. Many great late night game nights and dance parties, and of course I did not charge my camera before we left so we have no pictures so I stole some from chase's sister. We stayed there 4 days and came back to move out of our apartment and into our new house. We had to move in two days so thank goodness our amazing friends Stacie and Jared that came and helped us! we are mostly settled in now, just have to finish the house decor. Going from a two bedroom apartment to a six bedroom house, it makes you realize how stuff we need! but in time :)
Tate with Great-Grandpa Earl. He is in a rehab center, these are his first great-grandsons.
Great Grandma Sherwood with the boys
Grandma Yevette with Tate and Porter, I promise Tate's cheeks just look huge in pictures :) haha not! he has some big cheeks :)
All the Grandchildren together
The new babies :)
Love how Cora is so concerned for Tate in this picture

The grandparents with all the grandchildren
Aunt Lo and Uncle Mckay with the boys
Our first Christmas
Dad with this sons