Saturday, November 24, 2007


Five things I love about Thanksgiving

1. Being with family
2. Walks on the beach with my Dad and Sister ( we have done this every year on the day of Thanksgiving since i can remember)
3. My mom's homemade rolls with her homemade Strawberry Jam
4. Eating Left overs
5. and the best one is..You can eat all the food you want and not feel guilty because everyone is doing it!
I went home to California for Thanksgiving and had an amazing time while Chase went to New Mexico to visit his family for the Holidays. We both had a great time but since I am the only one who actually takes pictures I will be posting the ones from my trip home.

My little chunky monkey nephew LukeMe and the Pop's! My nephew Joshua giving my Dad "Loves"The girls ( mom, Brooke, Lori) working in the KitchenMe and my brother Brad waiting to eat the amazing food!My brother John doing the best carving job on the TurkeyJohn and his hot little wife BrookeBrad and his sexy little wife KoKo

Classic Haws Pose

Some of most giving people I know (my Grandma and my Dad)!John and Joshua after a long day of eating.. the turkey really made Joshua tired!

This was a great Thanksgiving and I hope everyone else has an amazing one as well! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!


The last Unicorn said...

I miss you already! I am so glad you were here for Thanksgiving Day :)
Giddy up!

kori said...

Thanksgiving was amazing - except I felt like I was going to throw up from eating so much. I miss you! Come back....or better yet, let's just roadtrip back to Cali together - in a minivan stuffed with christmas presents, 6 people, and Seinfeld blaring! and, and we can't forget a surfboard on top of the car! ha ha. it was so funny.