Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A younger man..

Yes, it is true, I married a younger man and let me tell you something.... it is the best thing I have ever done!!! Today Chase turned 24 ( i am three week older :) ) and I just wanted to dedicate this blog post to him! We have not had a camera because we had to change the battery but we got a new one tonight so sorry, no pictures of the fabulous day. Chase was a trooper and went to school today but when he got home I had him open his presents and I took him to a surprise dinner.. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. He has never been and loved it! I warned him that we would not be frequent diners here but at least he got to try one of my favorite restaurants. After dinner I surprised him with having his family come over for cake. Thanks guys for coming! Birthdays don't feel the same with out family there with you! 

So to finish off the night of my wonderful husbands birthday I just want to list a few things that I love and appreciate about him....
-He is my little handy man
-He kisses me hello and good bye every day
-He Never complains when I am in one of my "moods"
-He is my best friend
-He is very patient
-He loves little kids
-He has the best arm I have ever seen in football
-He is HOT
-He is full of knowledge and I learn something new from him everyday
-He has the worlds most charming dimples
-He loves sweets as much as I do
-He is one of the most spiritual men I know
-His has the cutest butt!! 
-He never gives up on anything and is the most motivated person I know
-He can ALWAYS make me laugh 
-He is my better half
-He loves board games
-He loves his family
- and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me!



The last Unicorn said...

-He loves his new sis-in-law :)

Happy birthday Chase! We wish we were there to celebrate with you. We are due for a Utah trip... gotta hit up the Alpine Slides!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chase! I loved the "What I love about Chase" list.
Like mother like daughter, I love dad's butt also! Love you guys!

Mandy Coffey said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you really made a fun day for him!!! Hey i married a younger man too :) Great minds think alike ;)

Candace & Brian said...

Happy Birthday Chase!!!! Can't wait to meet you in person. Sounds like you had a great day!

Lindsay said...

What a sweet wife!! I'm glad he had a nice day and someone to take care of him. I love you both!!

Briana said...

Happy Birthday Chase. You guys are too cute together.


Dana you are too adorable! I love you and Chase together. You need to come home and organize a game night with the families. Alisa and Ian and I agreed it's been way too long!
love ya!

Chelsea and Nick said...

Happy Birthday Chase!! Cute post Dana! You guys should procreate (soon)... what beautiful babies you'll have!

sara said...

Love the list of great things about your man. You are one lucky girl!

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Chaser!