Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to the show-me State!!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Chase and I just found out this weekend that we are moving to Missouri, the show me state, after our wedding! We will be there this summer where I will be doing my internship and Chase will be selling Satellite. We will be living in a town called Wildwood, its about 16 miles outside of St. Louis. I am really excited for this adventure, to live somewhere new, and to just be away for the summer being newlyweds :). Since Chase left to go home to New Mexico, (I wont see him till the wedding :(..) I have been bored and decided to look up fun facts and things to do in Missouri, its getting me more excited to move there and not to mention it is so beautiful!! Chase loves Missouri, he went when he was little and is excited to show me around and take me to the church history sites which will not be to far away from where we will be living. Here are some funny facts I found out about Missouri...

-The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 in Missouri (this makes me love the state even more)
-St. Louis offers more free, major visitor attractions than any other place (what could be better then free fun??)
-It is unlawful to throw hard objects by hand in Missouri ( I just thought this one was funny)
-Dancing is strictly prohibited in Missouri (this has to be a joke)
-A milk man may not run while on duty in Missouri (they still those?)
-St. Louisans consume more barbecue sauce per capita than any other city in America ( Brooke and Lori are gonna love this one!)
-St. Louis was the site of the demonic possession incident that inspired the movie, "The Exorcist." ( ok I'm not gonna lie, this one really freaks me out..)
-It is the home of the biggest Pecan!! haha
Packing was actually fun this time around. Even though it was a long process going threw both of our stuff, it was fun combining all of it :). Chase had a great idea that we should buy these vacuum bags for our clothes, blankets, and anything soft that we can suck down and let me tell you they are amazing! We fit all of our clothes, blankets, and pillows in two bins!! they are amazing!! Here are some pictures of the long process..

Before the organization began These are all of my clothes! can you believe it! Even all my winter coats!!
So if any of you need a vacation you can always come visit Chase and I in Missouri! And if anyone wants Dish T.V. or Direct T.V. you know where to come! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Date with the Moons

Chase and I hang out with Michelle and her husband Jake almost every weekend. They are such a fun couple! Michelle and I have been friends since the day I moved to Utah and Jake and Chase just love each other! :) So its always a fun time when we get together. We usually hang out play games and keep it a chill but last night we decided to go out! We went to eat at this great hamburger place,Fudruckers. Chase and Jake got the 2/3 lb. burger and they still wanted more! We went to bed, bath, and beyond and enjoyed the massage chairs, then we went to sub zero ice cream, this place was amazing! You get to pick how much fat you want in your ice cream- like whole, low-fat, yogurt, or soy milk, then you pick your flavor of mix-ins, and they make it right there in front of you with liquid nitrogen, Its so gooood!! Chase of course got the Mountain Dew flavor, which i have to say was not bad. Then we went back to our house and watched the season finale and Rob and Big. I am so sad that show is over. All in All I just love our date nights with this couple!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Battle of the sexes....

Well Chase and I got some great news this week! Chase's sister, Lindsay, informed us last week that the baby coming in August is going to be a little girl! They already have one little girl, Madison, which happens to be the only grand baby on their side so this little girl will make two girls on their side. With my family my brother John and his wife Brooke have two little boys and my other brother Brad and his wife Kori are also expecting a baby in August! Last night Brad and Kori played a game in order to tell us the sex of their little bun in the oven, Chase and I played over the phone (I expect to see pictures soon!!). Kori is so creative and made this game with M & Ms. Chase and I had our own little bags and had to call and tell them what color we had more of ( either blue or pink) Chase and I both had blue but he wanted me to tell them we both had pink in order to throw the game off, he thought he was so funny :) but I did not have enough guts so I just told the truth :) So when our results came we all found out it was a boy!!!! So we are expecting a little niece and nephew in August and we could not be more excited!! The score so far is Davis- 3 boys and Hathaways - 2 girls. All of our siblings having babies will take the pressure off us so keep them coming guys:) haha Congrats you guys! We love u!

The parents to be Chris and Lindsayand Brad and Kori

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well I have to admit that I have the best group of girlfriends! When I moved here five years ago I did not know anyone but I met most of these girls when I first moved here and I could not of been more blessed, they are like my family away from home! They are the most sincere and generous group of girls and I am so thankful for all they do! They threw me a shower this week and it was perfect. We played games, ate delicious food, and opened presents (I got some pretty fun stuff for the wedding night)! What could be more fun then that! The best part was the video of Chase. They asked him questions and Chase was hilarious with his answers :) I just loved it! Thanks again girls for such an amazing night! your the best!!! and for those who could not make it we missed u!Lind's ( she is getting married in June!) Michelle ( who just got married in December), me and Paige (who is also getting married in May!)Us girls by the food table :)The Roommates!!! Cute decorations made by Lisaplaying some fun games!

and having a blast opening the presents!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Old Places.. New Family

Growing up my family and about 5 other families would go to Brianhead Utah every March for a huge Ski trip. It is one of my favorite memories growing up. This year, after eight years of not going, my family decided to go again. It was just our family and the Clawsons and all the new comer's! It was weird to see everyone all grown up starting their own families.. All the little ones loved the snow! Marsha and my mom, as always, brought way to much food so Chase and I were lucky and got to bring the left over food back with us! We don't have to go grocery shopping for months now :) Thanks mom and Marsha! Chase and I have not skied for a long time so I was kind of timid to go but we caught on quick! The first day of snowboarding Chase was pretty sore and just sat in a Ice bath for 30 min. I could not believe he could do that it was crazy! Chelcie and I could hear him all the way downstairs it was pretty funny. But by the second day I would have to say Chase and I were pros on the slopes! Johnny and my dad went all day with out even a lunch break! We played games every night, had some funny conversations which I'm sure the boys hated while they all watched March Madness, and ate the best meals ever! It was such a beautiful weekend and so good to be with everyone. I wish we lived closer but hopefully we will keep this tradition going for years to come!

Chaser and I

The gang!

Little Lukey

Getting ready to hit the slopes

Everyone tired after a day of skiing and snowboarding.. Chase is dead asleep under the blanket

Haws and the girls playing Phase Ten

This was Joshua and Addi's favorite play spot. They would jump out and try to scare you. KoKo and I called it the serial killer room.. it was kind of a freaky room