Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pattys day!

For some reason I really like this holiday.. I wonder if it is because I have an excuse to pinch people... especially my husband and of course I forgot to wear green today to work! so I made myself a green name tag. Our first guest today was our radio DJ that does advertising for us, Kevin Cruise from U92. He got pinched like crazy from all the nurses here.. you gotta love it :) Every st. Patrick's day my mom would make corn beef and cabbage.. I hate cabbage but i loved the corn beef and potatoes! I wish I had the time today to cook it.. but I don't so I guess ill just have to live with it :) I hope everyone has a great day! Remeber to wear green!!! :)

This is so Chase and I in 30 years.. I would totally make him dress up with me hahah


Josh and Tiff said...

hahaha dana, you're so funny. Why wait 30 years to dress like that? lol... also, that girl in the background is creepy.

Lindsay said...

Happy day to you! Madison made sure we all wore green today and then I fixed her a surprise breakfast of green milk and green pancakes which she LOVED! And we had green jello for a snack at preschool and of course went on a hunt for a pot of gold!

The last Unicorn said...

I am actually making the corn beef, potatoes and cabbage right now! I am opposite, I LOVE the cabbage, like the potatoes and dont like the corn beef. I cant eat the one we bought anyway because it is cured and has nitrates. A no no for the pregos.