Tuesday, July 6, 2010

James Robert Hexberg

I am so excited my little nephew is here! My sister Lori had a beautiful baby boy on Wednesday night after 35 hours of labor! They finally ended up doing a C-Section, he was just to big for my sis! I love him so much already! Chase and I were lucky enough to fly down Thursday and stay till Monday night, of course I forgot to bring my camera and did not get any pictures so I stole these from other people.
First Family Picture, Lori, Haws, and baby James. How hot does Lori look! I do not understand how someone can look that good after 35 hours of labor and a C-Section! James Robert Hexberg 8.7lbs and 20 inches longChaser with JamesAuntie Dana with James
We also got to stay for the 4th which was great! We hung out at my grandmas with all my cousins and played some ladder ball and Bocce Ball which I just love! Chase and I had to buy a set it was so fun. But now we are back in reality and Chase started his job today! I'm so excited that he found a internship! It will be a great opportunity for him.


The last Unicorn said...

I was soooo glad you guys were here this past weekend. It just wouldn't have felt right to have James and not have you here. The trick to looking good after 35 hours of labor and a c-section is to take a picture of you upside down! jk :) I think I was just on a high.
Love you gooters and so does baby James

Candace and Brian said...

Oh he is soooooo cute. Seriously! How exciting for Lori and Haws. Pass on our congrats. Also, I saw her trick up high but I wanted to ask if it was possible to look that good after 35 hours of labor? Congrats again!

Tasha said...

So exciting!!! What a beautiful beautiful baby too. Oh, I am so happy for Lori. THat just made my night!

Josh and Tiff said...

congratulations on being a new aunt and for lori of course!! He is a precious, good looking baby and you can't say that about many newborns :) I hope you are doing well. If you're in Utah, we should get together sometime! Let me know!

Pike's Place said...

How exciting to be an auntie again! He is a beautiful baby. and how does your sister look so good?

Did you darken your hair? you look so pretty its nice to see pictures of my Dana friend... its been so long since i have seen you :(

I am glad that you were able to take a break from work and thats soo great that Chase got an internship :)
love your guts

Briana said...

I can't believe she had her baby. He is so adorable!!!