Saturday, December 18, 2010

Temple Lights

Oh the temple lights... I just love this time of year when we can drive up to Salt Lake and just feel the christmas spirit. We started our day eating lunch at Chipotle. So good!! Then we went and saw the Joseph Smith Movie which never gets old I love that movie, I think I even caught Chase shedding a tear :). We then went and walked around the temple and the lights. After that we did a little shopping and finished our night off at Chilis! We were starving but just felt like appetizers so we thought Chilis would be just perfect!


The last Unicorn said...

those lights are amazing!

AaReAn said... look so just beautiful...i like the darker hair...:-) maybe its just the pics but I feel like its darker?!?! anyways you look great!

Kurt and Jordan said...

WE were there too, I'm sad we didn't see you guys!!! I miss you, you look GORGEOUS, but what else is new!!! You always do!

Pike's Place said...

Shut up...who is that strange blond girl in all of these pictures! I feel like I havent seen your face in soo long, its good to see you! And you look as gorgeous as ever!

I want to make gingerbread houses with you :( can i next year? please? cuz i will be back on the mainland and ready to party!