Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clipper Game

While we were home we also went to the clipper game. My dad has season tickets to the clippers and Chase has never been! Can you believe that! So it was a must... The whole gang went ( minus kori and brad who couldn't go :( )My mom and dad, my brother john and his wife brooke ( they got a babysitter for their kiddos), My sis Lori and her husband Haws and they even brought their little 6 month old baby James! I was super excited cause I called dibs on holding James the whole time. People gave us crazy looks as we went to our seats, I can tell they were thinking.. why did they bring a baby.. the noise is going to make him cry! Little did they know that first of all James is an amazingly good baby, second of all Lori bought him these head phones where it blocks all the sound out, he could not hear a thing! It was soo crazy! he even fell asleep by half time and slept the rest of the game! he looked soo cute people were even taking pictures of him with their cell phones, it was classic. It was a fun time, we went to dinner before the game at this really good restaurant at the JW Marriott right by the staples center. We ate at this special table that was made out of wood placed right in the middle of the restaurant, it was really neat.
The wood table is under the red covering, u can see the corner of it but Chase was in love with it...
Side shot of the table, u can see it in the background with the high chairs around it. Chase is front of the classic Magic Johnson Statue
My dad begged me to take his picture next to Chick Hearn :)
Chaser and meJohn and Brooke
Lori, Haws and James ( notice the sweet headphones)

My beautiful mom and dad

Lori with sleeping James
Honestly, look at those little cheeks!!!!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great time! We miss all of you :(


Anonymous said...

Wehad so much fun just being together! We miss you too!

Nancy said...

You look fabulous Dana! I love the hair too!

Anonymous said...

I have a weird questions i know chase from high school but i have question about your skin cancer that you had on your nose . my question is what did it look like and act like because i have this thing on my nose that acts like a zit but keeps coming back in the same place.

masonmadness said...

You guys are a great family. I love catching up on all that you are doing. I seriously think we need to have a reunion soon! It would be so much fun!

krista said...

You look sassy in that picture! I love the new hairdo! Wish you were here to cuddle our new baby. Tell Chase to keep thinking about coming to AZ...