Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Newborn pictures

My amazing friend Megan took the boys newborn pictures. Since they were in the hospital the first 3 weeks of life we didn't take their pictures till they were a month and 1/2 old. This was not ideal, I defiantly recommend taking them that first week of life! lol the boys were not having it. We woke them up from their nap, and I was thinking well they will just fall right back to sleep during the shoot.... No, they decided to stay up the whole time and cry, so mad at me for waking them up early ( hey its my first time I didn't know any better :) ). I felt so bad for Megan, she came to my house, brought the best props, and we could not use them :( the boys would not go on their stomachs, they would not sit by each other, Megan defiantly had her work cut out for her. But to my surprise she still had good shots! that just goes to show you how great of a photographer she really is.. Check her out.. she is amazing!


Trevor TATE Hathaway

Trent PORTER Hathaway


Candace and Brian said...

They are absolutely beautiful.

Chelcie said...

OMG looove these pictures! She did a great job. You have to frame them all!