Saturday, February 4, 2012


Yes, All I'm blogging about are the boys lately. Lets be honest they are my life now :) I really don't do anything that does not involve them so this is what you get ha ha. We finally were able to bless the boys on the 22nd of January. We were asked to bless the babies in our home because our ward is to big. The Sunday before the bishopric told us there were over 500 people were in our sacrament, so needless to say we had to keep the blessing small since it was in our home, we had immediate family only. My family came up and stayed with me in our new home. We are sooo thankful we had family willing to travel for this special day and are so appreciative of them dropping things in California, New Mexico and Nevada to be here for us.
My brother John and his wife Brooke and their four kids, my sister Lori and her son James all stayed in our basement. It was a great way to break in our home :) It feels so empty with all of them gone, I hope now that we live in a house and have room for them that they will visit more. My parents decided to stay at a hotel , I think they figured we had enough house guest. My brother Brad was not able to make it, we missed you guys! Chases family drove up for this special day, His sister Kendal and Martin and McKay and Lo were not able to make it, we miss you guys!
Chase did an amazing job, I was so nervous for this day and to be honest doing it in our home kind of took the pressure off. The boys did really good and Chase gave them a beautiful blessing. We sang I am a child of God before the blessing and that got me and my mom teary :). Madison ( Our niece) was so cute she led us in the song, she is so grown up now. It was a very special day and one I will always remember. Just seeing everyone we loved gathered in our home to bless these special boys and for their love and support was something that I will always treasure. After the blessing we ate lunch then went to church, came home and watched sports and played games.

The week was filled with fun., laughter, grandparents getting worn out from taking grandchildren to museums, parks, and skiing, messes ( got chase and I used to it which is a good thing because I can only imagine what Tate and Porter are going to do when they become toddlers haha ). We miss everyone and love you all. Thank you for being a part of this day.
My sister Lori and nephew James, Little Davis is in her belly and due March 15th!My Parents
Chase's Parents
Our sweet little family
Grandma and Aunt Nancy and Uncle SteeleChase's Family minus Kenni, martin, Lo and McKay and Cora.watching some footballEating some grubThe boys adopted Aunt and UncleThe three cousins
Brooke, Caroline and Porter. The boys love all the little kids around, Caroline could get them to laugh all the time.My Brother john and his son Luke and Hunter


Candace and Brian said...

Never apologize for talking about your boys....lets be honest, that's what we want to hear about. :) What a special day for you and your family. I'm glad so many people were able to make it and that you got that intimate experience to do it in your home. They are getting so big. I love it!

Chelcie said...

Looks like it was a fun weekend with the family! So cool everyone could travel to you guys. I just love love love your little boys!

AaReAn said...

ooooh my these babies of yours are to die for. and the last pic of your bro...I thought that doll was a BABY half way off the couch! haha I had to take a double take! wowza. You look great!

The Moons said...

what a special day for your little guys!!! what great pictures and dana you look beautiful :) wish I could have been there!!