Tuesday, September 25, 2007

*Our first few months*

When Chase and I started dating we loved doing things with other couples and taking lots of pictures..Here are some pictures documenting our first couple of months of dating..

My girlfriends and I decided to put on a Murder Mystery Dinner night and the theme was "Lethal luau". This was a really fun night, we had to dress up and come as a certain character. Chase was a Nerdy Tourist and i was a Hawaiian Model

Another fun night we decided to go to the Nickle Arcade.. all I have to say is that i kicked Chase's butt in almost every game!
If u know Chase and I well, then you know we love to eat.. so here are some pictures of us having a BBQ in the park up the Provo Canyon. It is a beautiful Park

And again here is another date we had envolving food. Chase and I went and saw the movie No Reservations( which by the way is amazing) and it gave us a great idea to one night have a make your own pizza night! so i got some pizza dough from my work and we made some amazing pizzas. I think we should drop out of school and open our own little pizzaria Haha :)