Tuesday, September 25, 2007

*Our Home Towns*

Over Fourth of July Chase and I decided to take our first road trip together and go down to my home in California. We had an amazing time! The week went by way too fast! It was not even close to being long enough seeing as two of the days we were there i was sick with food poisoning. Chase was a real trooper and just sat with me all day taking care of me and did not complain once! Our week was jam packed! we went to the dodger game and sat next to Larry king and his wife! it was Chase's first time ever going to a professional baseball park so it was fun!

We then went and saw the play Wicked with my family.It is now one of mine and Chase's favorite plays. We listen to the soundtrack all the time.

On Fourth of July My sister, Lori, her Husband Haws, Chase and I rode our beach cruisers down Main Street in Huntington. It was a lot of fun to show Chase where i grew up but i would not recommend cruising down Main street on fourth of July.. it was crazy!
My little Nephew Joshua was in love with Chase! He was taking swim lessons and decided he did not like his swim teacher and he would not get in the water.. but thanks to Chase ( who used to teach swim lessons and was a life guard) he taught little Joshua how to swim! now whenever Joshua sees me he always asks where Chase is.. its too cute :)
Chase and I also had to hit up Disneyland! This is one of my favorite places. I loved it.. We had a lot of fun there and we got to go to the new California Adventure Park there. I have never been before but i highly recommend it. The Tower of Terror was freaky!

Instead of making the whole eight hour drive, Chase's sister and brother in law were nice enough to let us stay at there house in Vegas. It was a lot of fun staying up late with them and playing cards. His little niece Madison is also the cutest thing ever! she just turned one when we went to visit and is the entertainer of the family and it the cutest dresser!

We went to New Mexico at the end of August. It was so much fun. I have never been to New Mexico before and Chase's family was nice enough to show me around. They have the best food there! no wonder why Chase is always talking about the food from New Mexico.. His parents showed me the Aztec Ruins. This was a really neat experience. It was fun trying to squeeze through the little door ways and really funny to watch the boys try to get through them.I really loved being there and spending time with the Hathaway family.


Davis Family said...

yeah - i'm so excited you started a blog. i've had so much fun with mine so far. love the pictures!

Lindsay said...

Hi! So excited to keep tabs on you two!

Nancy said...

Thanks for letting me know about your blog. Even though you live less than an hour away, I don't see you very much. This is a perfect way for you aunt to keep an eye on you! It looks like you had a great summer. Chase is a doll...but then so are you!