Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas and New Years

Well I can not find my camera upload cord anywhere! I have been waiting to put up a new post till I found it but I think I just have to go buy a new one so I'm borrowing every ones pictures for this post. Chase and I were apart for 2 weeks during the holidays and let me tell you I did not like it one bit! Even though me and my mom were super busy doing wedding things everyday I still missed Chase a lot. I don't know how people have a long distance relationship especially when the guy is not a big phone person. But besides missing him it was so great to be with my family. I just love them so much. We had to wait two says after Christmas to actually really celebrate because everyone else was at their in-laws but it was worth the wait. Thanks everyone for a great Christmas, mom and dad your the best!! I hung out with my sister a lot as we redecorated her apt., went to movies, and played with our little nephews. I have the funniest videos of them that hopefully i can post later! i wish everyone lived up in Utah with me :) New Years was low key.. everyone came to my parents house.. I was the only one there not married but it was fun because they all gave me wedding advice and ideas for the wedding! It was a great two weeks but it also is amazing being back with Chaser... Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!Joshua being such a big boy and helping pass out the presents

The aftermathHaws' mom made Lori these slippers but did not fit her but my feet are huge so she gave them to me! Thanks!

Luke and Joshua being angels by the Christmas Tree


Tasha said...

Ahh! What a fun christmas!! your newphews are so darling. What a great picture under the tree. I hope your find your camera. That is the WORST when you lose something, and especially your camara! no fun!!!

Nancy said...

I bet your glad to be back in Utah, even though it's cold and have Chase to keep you warm!! (Cheesy, huh?)I hope you get your camera cord soon. I want to see your pictres!