Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Only in Provo

As Chase, Lo, Chase's roommate Blake and I were driving around Provo we saw the biggest snowman ever! It was white when we first saw it then I think the college kids took some pinball's to it and some dirt. Only in Provo would people be bored enough to actually build this huge snowman! and actually take time to take a picture by it haha enjoy!


Nancy said...

Cool snowman! People in Bountiful must get bored too, because our neighbor and his son built a HUGE dragon in their front yard! It was awesome. It took them all day and took up the entire front yard. They even spray painted it a bunch of different colors. What can you and Chase build?

kori said...

Wow! That snowman is huge. It kinda makes me wanna take Joshua to Utah and build a snowman with him.

Lindsay said...


Tasha said...

WOW! Now that is a snowman! Definatly stopping and taking pictures by. I would definatly say so!


I love looking through your blog!
Talk to me before you go to Peru, I have more stories for you! Although, you are in better hands going there with someone like Chase who used to live there!
It will be an eye opening, amazing experience, and I'm totally stoked for you.
p.s. Your mom and I watched pres.hinckley's funeral today. it was fun hanging out just her and I, that never happpens!