Thursday, October 18, 2007

*Creppy Crawlers*

I love October because it gives me an excuse to get scared! If you know me i get scared pretty easily, so this time of month im always in the mood for scary movies, haunted houses, and scary stories. Chase and I went to a haunted house last week.. it was his fist time ever going in one.. but sad to say it was not that great of a haunted house so we are going to a different one next week so he can see how cool they really are! Another thing i love about October is that it gives me an excuse to watch the movie Hocus Pocus... haha i know its cheesy but i just love it!

So i have a story about something that happened in our house a couple weeks ago.. me and my roommate were in our garage and we saw this big black thing and then i realized it was a tarantula in our garage! it freaked us out! my roommate then got in her car and ran it over to kill it, it was kind of funny. So we got our house sprayed but just yesterday we found another one by our window! I love our house but its not fun being the closest house to the mountain because then all the bugs come to our house! Here is a picture i took with my phone... So now i always make chase look around to make sure there are no spiders before i go to bed!


BreAnna said...

HOLY MOLY, I have never seen one of those in the wild (not that your house is the wild, but you know) you guys are brave. That is a very Octoberesque thing to see, a big scary spider. I have to admit I love Hocus Pocus too, I watch it every year, I already recieved, watched, and returned it from Netflix for this year. I love halloween! Good luck with the creepy crawlies!

kori said...

Ew. I think i would have to move out. I would not be able to sleep at night!