Monday, October 22, 2007

Game Day and Pumpkin Carving

It was freezing at the BYU game on Saturday but Chase and I are real troopers! It was raining most of the game but then towards the end of the third quarter is started snowing! I now remember the one thing i do not like about the winter... the cold... but Chase let me wear one of his gloves and we brought ponchos so it kept us dry.. all i have to say is that we are true fans for sitting through that weather!After the game we got all warm again and had some friends over to carve pumpkins. We cooked all the seeds and ate them, they were amazing! i have to say Chase's and Perris' pumpkin's were pretty scary while me and Lisa went for the more "cute" look.


Chase did E.T and I did the Ghost!


Lindsay said...

I am very impressed with the pumpkins then Chase told me they were a kit, but I'm still impressed.

The last Unicorn said...

Very nice job on the pumpkins! Chase looks slightly ghetto in the "before" picture... I like the BYU gangsta look!

Davis Family said...

you guys are seriously talented

BreAnna said...

very nice pumpkins you two, Dana, I love your stabbing pumpking pose! too cute!

Tasha said...

So, I am bored and was going from one blog to another and then fell upon yours off of someone elses. SO FUN!! I love you Dana. You are so cute! Just had to tell you that. You pumpkins are pretty awesome too! It made me happy reading your blog!! - Tasha (Torgerson)