Wednesday, October 10, 2007

*Top Five things I love about October*

I love the change of colors when fall comes! In California you don't get to see that and it is one of my favorite things about Utah.I love just driving and looking at all the trees. One of my favorite drives is up to Sundance and around the Alpine loop. It is beautiful!

Lighting Fires and Candles is something i love to do when it starts getting colder. I love lighting our fireplace and snuggling with a blanket while reading a good book. I also always have a candle burning. My favorite right now is Pumpkin Spice by Salt City Candle.

Pumpkin carving is so fun! I always buy new pumpkin carving kits every year and have a pumpkin carving night with friends! i always save the seeds and put salt on them and cook them in the oven its the best! It makes me miss my mom, we would always carve pumpkins together.. of course hers would always turn out better then mine:)

I love Halloween decorations. I always have to stop myself from buying to many. When i went to New Mexico Chases' mom took me to this store called Hobby Lobby and the decorations were so cute! i wish i would of bought some because i have been looking everywhere for them! The only store that has come close to Hobby Lobby is Kirkland in the Mall in Orem. I love making my house festive it helps with the home sickness i get around the holidays.

My last but not least favorite things about October is all the cute little kids dressing up and Trick or Treating. I used to stay at home with my mom and help pass out candy just so i could see all the cute little costumes the kids were wearing. I love seeing how excited they get about the candy and how creative some of their costumes are!

Here is my Nephew Joshua last Halloween. He was an Elephant.. He was soo cute.. I love him! If he would of came to my door I would of gave him extra candy!

This is my best friend Chelcie and Me. I love this picture of us.. I was so sad because i was missing three dots on my costume and would not smile for any pictures! This is in front of a house we were trick or treating at and the guy who gave us the candy thought it was so funny that i would no smile because i was sad about my dots.. my mom must of laughing been laughing so hard on the inside!


BreAnna said...

little kids nothing!! What are you and Chase dressing up as this year?
I love fall too, all those things are wonderful aren't they!

Lindsay said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love all those things too! I miss seeing the leaves change and I love snuggling up with a good book and love pumpkin spice candles...wish Madi could knock on your doorstep for Halloween--she's going to be super cute!

Dallas & Jessica said...

i was just reading your new post about how Chase's mom took you to Hobby Lobby....i love that store! and guess what! We have one in Utah up by me! There's also a couple other home stores up here you would love! I guess now you have an excuse to come hang out with me for the day and go with me :)

The last Unicorn said...

I love this!!! Don't forget one of your favorite things is to come home while on fall break and hang out with your sister! I wish we could carve pumpkins together this year and watch "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". I just bought it!!!

Joe, Tori & Max said...

I need to take some advice from you and start collecting holiday decorations. I am so horrible about decorating. You need to come be my roommate again so you can decorate for me. Our apartment always looked so cute because of you and your decorations!